Previously I didn’t admit Fairuz A Rafiq’s son, now Galih Ginanjar insists on opening a new chapter with King Faaz: Can’t Move On…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

After the family drama that happened some time ago, now Galih Ginanjar’s ex-wife and son, King Faaz have lived happily with Sonny Septian as a continuing father.

As if he didn’t want to hurt his mother, Fairuz A Rafiq, King Faaz said he would slowly make peace with his past. However, now Galih also seems to want to do the same thing where he wants to open a new page with his son.

Galih Ginanjar emphasized that the effort he is doing now is aimed at making his past with King Faaz and Fairuz which was quite dark, enter a better stage.

“Yes, we really have to forget the past yesterday. And that’s my goal too,” said Galih Ginanjar.

As is known, Fairuz A Rafiq’s relationship with Galih Ginanjar got worse after the divorce after the viral salted fish polemic.

In the polemic, Galih Ginanjar revealed that his domestic sexual activity with Fairuz A Rafiq was considered unsatisfactory.

Regarding that, Barbie Kumalasari’s ex-husband apologized to King Faaz and Fairuz A Rafiq.

“I also apologize to them for the mistakes I made,” he continued.

In addition, the Garut celebrity invited King Faaz and Fairuz A Rafiq to establish a good relationship.

“Let’s start a new chapter, let’s stay in touch well. That’s my hope,” he said judging from Instagram @lambegosiip on Saturday (21/5/2022).

The reason is, Galih Ginanjar assesses the polemic of salted fish with Fairuz A Rafiq and his relationship with King Faaz will never find a bright spot if they do not forgive each other.

“Because if we don’t forget or can’t move on, it won’t end,” he concluded.

Galih Ginanjar’s statement also reaped many comments from netizens. Not a few threw a curt glare at Galih.

“People have no shame like that,” wrote one netizen. “Faaz means, you are not considered,” said another netizen. “Faaz wants to forget the past, it doesn’t mean he wants to open a new page,” said another netizen.


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