Regarding female referees, history will be made at the 2022 World Cup

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“This is a big breakthrough in international football. Kudos!”

1NEWS – Men’s football tournaments are usually presided over by male referees. But, over time, female referee has begun to be used in men’s football matches. This is proof that quality is more important than gender. For example, 2022 World Cup.

Later this year, the World Cup will be held again. After 2018 in Russia, this year the interstate competition will take place in Qatar.

The first new jam in the Middle East, the 2022 World Cup will also have other changes. One of them is related to the presence of female referees. Because, FIFA has announced that women will be court judges in the 2022 World Cup match.

Unmitigated, FIFA decided that there would be six female officials during the celebration in Qatar: three referees and three assistant referees.

The breakthrough will be the first time a female referee has officiated a match in men’s football’s biggest tournament. And, if successful, the authority led by Gianni Infantino will not rule out continuing in other competitions.

“We are very happy with the Stephanie Frappart from France, Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda, and Yoshimi Yamashita from Japan,” said FIFA Referee Committee Chairman, Pierluigi Collinareported by Goal.

10 Photos of Carli Lloyd, US Women’s Soccer Player who Hat-tricked in the 2015 World Cup Final

“We are also happy to have some female assistant referees like Neuza Back from Brazil, Karen Diaz Medina from Mexico, and Kathryn Nesbitt from the United States. We have decided to call up female match officials for the first time in FIFA World Cup history,” added the former Serie A top referee.

“This ends a long process that began several years ago with the placement of female referees in FIFA men’s junior and senior tournaments. In this way, we emphasize that quality is more important, not gender,” said Collina.

“I hope that, in the future, the selection of elite women’s match officials for important men’s competitions will be considered normal and no longer sensational. They deserve to be at the World Cup because they continue to perform at a very high level. And that’s a factor. important to us,” said the bald-headed man.

In addition to female referees, FIFA also continues to prioritize the world’s best male referees to lead the most prestigious tournaments on earth.

Of the 36 top referees that will appear, that includes a number of familiar names. For example, duo Premier League, Anthony Taylor and Michael Oliver. There is another top French referee, Clement Turpinwho will preside over the final Champions League 2021/2022.

However, a number of top referees will also be absent for various reasons such as retiring or resigning. Call it the final referee 2018 World Cup from Argentina, Nestor Pitana. Then, the IFFHS World’s Best referee, Felix Brycho, from Germany. Likewise the final referee Euro 2020 from the Netherlands, Bjorn Kuipers.

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