Starting from the FTV couple, Masayu Clara and Qausar Harta are now officially married

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Masayu Clara Causar Treasure

Happiness is being felt by the FTV artist couple Masayu Clara and Qausar Harta Yudana. The reason is, the two have officially married on Friday (20/5) at the Istiqlal Mosque, Central Jakarta. The Ijab Kabul procession proceeded with wisdom witnessed by family and relatives.

The couple, who often competed in this role, had previously been in a romantic relationship for years. They are involved in love location (cinlok) because they often shoot in several FTV titles. Masayu and Qausar were dating for a long time until they finally ended up happily at the aisle.

Held in Sundanese custom, Qausar Harta married Masayu Clara with a dowry of 30 mayam of precious metal

Qausar Harta marries Masayu Clara | Credit: YouTube MACAU Masayu & Causar

The procession of Masayu and Qausar’s marriage contract was held in Sundanese custom with all-white clothes. The wedding was witnessed by the Chairman of the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo and the Regent of Trenggalek Mochamad Nur Arifin. Qausar loudly said the sacred promise in front of the invitees who were present.

“I accept the marriage of Masayu Clara Adillah Octaviani bint Mas Agus Hasyim Toni, with the dowry paid in cash.” said Qausar Harta, quoted from YouTube MACAU Masayu & Causar, Friday (20/5).

Qausar Harta married Masayu with a dowry of 30 mayam of precious metal. It is known, one mayam consists of 3.33 grams of gold. According to him, there is a special meaning for the 30 mayam dowry given to his wife.

“The dowry is 30 mayam, in Aceh it is called mayam, for grams. So mayam is called gram in Aceh. one mayam is 3.33 grams. There are 30 of them, approximately 100 grams,” said Qausar.

The choice of the location of the contract was not just like that. The choice of the Istiqlal Mosque as the location of the contract has been Masayu Clara’s dream for a long time. Since the first, he wanted to get married on Friday at the time after the Asr prayer. Therefore, they chose the Istiqlal Mosque as the center of the mosque in Jakarta.

Before the marriage contract, Masayu has held a recitation and siraman procession

love story of masayu and qausar

Taking pictures pre-wedding Masayu and Qausar | Credit: @masayuclara via Instagram

Before the marriage contract, Masayu and Qausar had time to share photos pre-wedding through their private Instagram posts. They were seen wearing traditional clothes in the photo shoot.

Approaching his wedding day, Masayu also held a recitation and siraman event. He looked charming in a yellow kebaya at the recitation moment. The atmosphere of the procession before the wedding seemed wise and full of emotion.

As both FTV players, Masayu and Qausar’s love journey is not far from that. However, they seem to have known each other since childhood. Their relationship began to blow in 2018 after previously often playing roles in several FTV titles.

Although the two of them met when they were both still in a relationship with other people, the two of them were actually close as storytellers. Finally at the right moment, the two decided to date. Getting more serious, Qausar officially proposed to Masayu on the beautiful date of February 22, 2022. Now, they are officially happy to be husband and wife.

Congratulations on your marriage, Masayu and Qausar, may it last and be happy always!