Surprise Fans, Ed Sheeran Announces Happy News Of The Birth Of Their Second Child. Happy!

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Ed Sheeran announces birth of second child

Good news comes from the famous British musician Ed Sheeran. He just announced the birth of his second child through an upload on his personal Instagram on Friday (20/5) Indonesian time.

The news was quite surprising to fans, because the singer of the song “Perfect” has never shared moments about the pregnancy of his wife, Cherry Seaborn to the public. How’s the full news about the birth of Ed Sheeran and Cherry’s second child? Check out the complete information below.

Ed Sheeran shares photos of baby socks as well as news of the birth of his second child via Instagram

The news of the birth of this second beloved baby was known to the public for the first time through uploading photos on Ed Sheraan’s personal Instagram. In this upload, the musician who was born on February 17, 1991, shares a photo of a pair of white socks on a brown knitted blanket. In the description of his upload, Ed Sheerang announced that he had just been blessed with a second child, a girl.

“Want to let you know that we have another beautiful baby girl. We both love him so much, and so happy to be a family of 4 (members),” Ed Sheeran wrote in his post on Friday (20/5).

It was previously known that Ed Sheeran and Cherry had their first daughter, Lyra Antartica Seaborn Sheeran in August 2022. When announcing the birth of their first daughter, Ed Sheeran also uploaded a pair of socks, but at that time they were dark blue on a colorful knitted blanket.

The happy news of the birth of his second child was quite surprising to the public, because previously Ed Sheeran had never shared news or moments when his wife was pregnant. Various fan reactions also enlivened Ed Sheeran’s upload on Instragam.

“What! Another girl? Congratulations, Ed and Cheery!,” wrote one netizen. “It’s shocking news, but at the same time encouraging. Congratulations Ed,” wrote another netizen. There are even those who are waiting for the work of the musician who was inspired by his second child. “Congratulations Ed! Can’t wait for the music you make, which was inspired by him (second child),” wrote one netizen.

Now Ed Sheeran is enjoying quality time with his little family

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn together portrait | Credit by @teddysphoto on Instagram

The news of the birth of Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn’s second child has been confirmed by the management. Launching from The Sun, a spokesman for Ed Sheeran reported that the musician’s family was indeed rejoicing over the arrival of their second daughter. In fact, it also asks the public to respect the privacy of Ed Sheeran’s family who are enjoying their quality time before starting the tour again.

“They are thrilled that Lyra (Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn’s first child) has a little sister and the four of them are enjoying some precious family time before Ed Sheeran returns to tour. We are delighted and hope that you will respect their privacy at this special time,” said spokesman Ed Sheeran, quoted from The Sun on Saturday (21/5).

It is known that Ed Sheeran has built a family with Cherry Seaborn, who is his childhood friend, since January 2019. His second marriage was held in private, attended by only 40 family members, without inviting fellow celebrities. Their domestic life also looks harmonious without ever being hit by unpleasant issues. Until now, their happiness is more complete after the birth of their second daughter. Congratulations, Ed Sheeran and Cherry!