The Hot Weather Sumuk Phenomenon During The Day And Makes It Hot At Night, This Is The BMKG’s Explanation – Boombastis

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Recently, people have complained that the weather is hotter than usual. This phenomenon called ‘sumuk’ is felt in several areas in Indonesia. Fan assistance and Air Conditioner (AC) are not even enough to get rid of the hot atmosphere in the house. Even during the day, the sun is hot and fierce, while the night is stifling.

This hot weather has been going on since the beginning of May and is still going on today. Based on the BMKG release, the maximum daily temperature in Indonesia on May 17-18 was around 35-35.4 degrees Celsius. In fact, according to a report from the Palembang Climatology Station, the temperature in South Sumatra reached 36.2 degrees Celsius.

Heat is associated with a phenomenon in India

HeatWave in India [sumber gambar]

This unusually hot weather had made people panic. They attribute this to the heat wave phenomenon that occurred in India. Even since the last Eid holiday until now, the sun is still far hotter than before. However, what is actually the main cause of this rising hot temperature, Friend Boombastis? Is it global warming or is there another reason?

The explanation from BMKG, has nothing to do with the temperature in India

Hot weather in Indonesia [sumber gambar]

Launching from Tirto’s page, the BMKG has explained about the occurrence of hot temperatures in Indonesia. This is not categorized as a heat wave like in India, because it does not meet the definition of a meteorological extreme event by the World Meteorological Agency (WMO). It is an anomaly that is 5℃ hotter than the climatological mean of the maximum temperature at a location and has been happening for at least 5 days. The heat wave itself occurs in a wide scope. The cause is a certain air circulation, causing a mass buildup of air.

This hot weather is a natural thing

Hot weather according to BMKG [sumber gambar]

Through its Instagram account, BMKG said that this hot phenomenon was a natural thing. “The increase in temperature is felt hotter or hotter than usual in May this year is actually a natural thing”, the BMKG wrote in a statement caption-his. In fact, the peak of hot temperatures in Indonesia itself will occur in April-May and next September. This is due to the influence of the apparent position of the sun’s motion and the dominance of sunny weather at the beginning or peak of the dry season.

High air temperatures trigger heat in the Java and Sumatra regions

Hot weather in some areas [sumber gambar]

This ‘sumuk’ phenomenon hit areas in Java and Sumatra. Another cause is high air temperature due to high humidity. If the air is dry, then the heat will feel burning and scorching. Based on a climate analysis by the BMKG in early May, the sea surface temperature in the Indian Ocean west of Sumatra and the Java Sea is indeed warmer. This is what adds to the humidity of the air due to more intensive evaporation from the sea surface.

BMKG’s appeal to the people of Indonesia in hot weather

Beware of dehydration! [sumber gambar]

The BMKG appealed to the Indonesian people not to worry about the ‘sumuk’ phenomenon that hit some of these areas. Because, this heat is not an extreme condition ‘heatwave’ as people fear. However, the Indonesian people must maintain their health so as not to become dehydrated. Drinking enough water is the solution to dealing with hot weather during the day and hot at night.

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Hopefully this hot condition will subside soon, Boombastis Friends. Remember, stay healthy and don’t get dehydrated!