‘The tooth just lasts for the sake of…’ Like I’m already fed up with Raffi Ahmad’s affair, Mimi Bayuh is suspected to be drunk with romance!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

As if nothing had given up, Raffi Ahmad was again attracted to the issue of infidelity after the news with Nita Gunawan faded.

Now, he is suspected of having a forbidden love by his financial assistant, Mimi Bayuh. In fact, it caused rumors of Mimi’s pregnancy to be increasingly highlighted by the public.

Some evidence of infidelity is now starting to appear. In fact, one of the pink flower bouquets that Mimi uploaded on December 6, 2021 was also suspected.

In her upload, Mimi looks like she’s intoxicated by love showing off a bouquet of flowers with emoji full of love.

Although it is not clear who the sender is, netters suspect that it is from Nagita Slavina’s husband because Raffi’s social media account is known to like the upload.

Various netter comments who were already embarrassed by Raffi’s behavior finally appeared. Many mnetters voiced their respective disappointments and assumptions about the gossip.

“WOW, the flowers from the boss are great, it’s rich, the financial assistant gets romantic flowers,” sneered the account @uy***inayah.

“There are not many teeth with Raffi who want it. Raffi actually loses being left with his teeth,” quipped the account @lolly***llyta.

“If I were a tooth… I’ve lived with Mamad,” said the account @osh *** 789.

“Queen is forever Queen, no matter what, concubines will never be Queen, just look at how many concubines try to keep moving,” said the @ind***imo account.

“Even though it’s good to everyone, why do you hurt your wife and children. I’m sure if for example they split R’s fortune it wouldn’t be like now,” replied the account @ky_n***tags.

“The teeth just survive for the sake of their children. He doesn’t want his children to have the same fate as him. Even though Rieta’s mother raised Gigi and her sister very well and successfully,” said the account @jat ***.


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