Viral Google Maps officers stray, this is the response of residents

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Viral Google Maps Officers Get Lost, Here's the Response of the Citizens!

How often do you use the Google Maps service? This street navigation application is very helpful, especially for those of you who are in a new location. However, what if the Google Maps officer, who incidentally recorded the path you were walking, actually strayed in a new place?

Viral Video Google Maps Officer Gets Lost!

Source: Unsplash

There is a video circulating on social media regarding a Google Maps officer who strayed and asked local residents for directions. The officer was driving a 3-wheeled motorized vehicle with a blue camera on the back.

The officer seemed to be discussing and asking directions to a man riding a red motorbike. The man was allegedly a local resident.

At the end of the road it seemed deadlocked and there was no other way, so netizens speculated that the Google Maps officer was stray!

Various Responses from Netizens

Viral Google Maps Officers Get Lost, Here's the Response of the Citizens!

Source: Unsplash

The viral video has invited various responses from netizens. The majority found the video very funny, because of course Google Maps is one of the navigation instructions for the Indonesian people.

Ironically, the officer got lost and asked for directions in the traditional way!

Other netizens also commented that it was not surprising. Because, they also often get lost when trying Google Maps!

If Parentsdid the team get helped or did they get lost, here, with Google Maps?

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What Are Their Duties?

google maps officer stray

Source: Unsplash

Google Maps officers have the main task of recording roads through satellite imagery, panoramas, and route planning.

By driving a vehicle, either a car or a three-wheeled motorbike, Google Maps officers can record the lane they are traveling in to easily provide a view that you can access.

The camera used is also not kidding, namely a 360 panoramic camera that can take 360-degree pictures.

Other Funny Things on Google Maps

Not only do Google Maps officers get lost, but there are a lot of hilarious events happening within Google Maps. Get ready to laugh, yeah, Parents!

Enchanted by Google Maps Officer, A Pedicab Driver Falls!

google maps officer stray

Source: Twitter/@frmsky

In a street view shared by netizens, it appears that a rickshaw driver with goods in front of him is looking at the Google Maps camera.

At first there was nothing strange, but in the next picture it invites laughter. The rickshaw driver fell into the ditch in front of him!

A man who was riding a motorcycle seemed to turn to pay attention to the pedicab driver!

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Slipping Seconds Apparently Also Captured on Google Maps!

Viral Google Maps Officers Get Lost, Here's the Response of the Citizens!

Source: Twitter/@bluebluebailu

What happens when a unique event is immortalized on Google Maps? The unfortunate moment of the two drivers was recorded on Google Maps as they fell.

Of course this is hilarious!

Miss Daddy, Find His Photos on Google Maps!

Viral Google Maps Officers Get Lost, Here's the Response of the Citizens!

Source: Twitter/@partweetcipant

A netizen named Muhammad Rifqi shared his experience of finding a photo of his father cleaning the gutter near his house.

This upload has touched the hearts of other netizens because it is very moving!


That’s the viral news of stray Google Maps officers and other funny events that are still related to Google Maps. If Parents What’s funny, here, with Google Maps?

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