Wife Must Know, Here Are 20 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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1NEWS – Feelings can be right, can be wrong. Including when you feel your husband’s love levels are decreasing or even disappearing, it could be right, it could be wrong. But since this is a serious relationship issue, don’t just follow your feelings. Try to make sure, is it true that your husband doesn’t love you anymore?

To help make your negative feelings more scientific, you can check out the following 20 signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore, as reported by Your Tango. Who knows, it can be a guide before making the best decision for your relationship with him.

1. He not only often wants to be alone, but also starts to feel like he is avoiding you. Don’t go home right away. When met not enthusiastic.

2. He stops doing things for you. Or if it’s still half-hearted, he easily promises, but always doesn’t keep it.

3. He likes to talk about relationships, but his tone often starts to sound negative. As if your future is bleak with him.

5. How to deal with conflict changes. He no longer seems to be trying to reconcile with you, but simply gives up and lets things hang.

4. He begins to lose interest in always being in touch, whether in communication or physically.

6. He starts ignoring you a lot. He doesn’t respond back when you complain or even tell a joke.

7. You start to feel like walking on a thin surface of ice. Fear of doing something, no matter how small, will put the relationship at risk.

8. Physical intimacy fades. It was unpleasant to be around him, like there was a boundary that kept you from getting close.

9. He starts acting strangely and becomes protective of his cell phone. You are no longer free to access his means of communication.

10. He doesn’t communicate with you. Many decisions begin to be made on his own, without telling you or asking for your opinion.

11. He often looks bored, uninspired, especially when only with you.

12. He started to provoke frequent fights. There is no wind, no rain, without any need for reason.

13. He becomes selfish and no longer cares about your needs or wants.

14. He starts to reject you openly. You come closer, he moves away. You want to make out, he admits to being busy.

15. He treats other people sweeter than when he treats you.

16. He starts to look like he doesn’t want to be around you. Leaving you everywhere alone, not involving yourself in your circle of friends, and so on.

17. You start to suspect that he is cheating on you.

18. He is no longer driven to make you happy, even if it’s just to bring you your favorite food as a gift.

19. He no longer talks about future plans for the household. No target whatsoever, no hope whatsoever.

20. He tells you directly that he is no longer in love. And this is an indisputable sign.


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