10 photos of old school Nicholas Saputra, his charisma never fades

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old school photo of Nicholas Saputra

is Parents one of the people who likes a Nicholas Saputra? It’s not wrong. The actor’s charisma, What’s With Love never fades with time. Here is a row of old school photos of Nicholas Saputra that will surely make his fans happy.

The 38-year-old man has been in the entertainment world since the 2000s. Parents. She started her career as a model at a fashion show by Samuel Wattimena.

Apparently, his artistic blood has been flowing since childhood. His first debut in the world of acting was when he played in a movie What’s with love in 2002 as Rangga, which until now this role has always been attached to him. Since then his name was immediately known to the public.

Until now, the German-blooded man has starred in many film titles. His good acting in acting earned him many awards as the best actor. Here, a row of old school photos of Nicholas Saputra, one of the best actors from Indonesia!

10 Charming Old Photos of Nicholas Saputra

1. Often Becomes a Model on Various Magazine Covers

Nicholas Saputra’s good looks and charisma often make him a model on various magazine covers. Until now, the actor, who was born on February 24, 1984, also often appears in various media and covers models in well-known magazines.

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2. Alumni of SMA Negeri 8, One of the Leading Schools

10 Old Photos of Nicholas Saputra, Making Focus Fail!

Besides having a handsome face, Nico is also an alumni of one of the leading public schools, SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta. Reportedly, Nico once joined the curator group or school choir.

In early 2000, school courses required a tenor-voiced singer to appear in a competition. Finally Nico was recruited by the seniors. After being tested for vocals, Nico passed and filled the tenor voice position. Wow, really multitalented actor huh, Parents.

3. Half-Blood German – Javanese

old school photo of Nicholas Saputra

The fans of a Nicholas Saputra must know very well that Nico is a person who has German blood from his father and Javanese blood from his mother.

Nico’s father is German, while his mother is a native Indonesian born in Yogyakarta. Nico’s father was often laughed at when he tried to speak Indonesian.

Since then, he never spoke Indonesian again because he was embarrassed. So Nico had to speak English with his father. Because his mother is Javanese, Nico is very easy to pronounce the Javanese dialect.

4. Is a student who friendly

Old school photo of Nicholas Saputra when he was still in high school

Watching a Nicholas Saputra in the film What’s Up With Love as Rangga seems very cold. However, it is different with Nico in real life.

Parents should know that at school, Nico is known as a funny, kind, and talkative kid. Despite being one of the most popular students in one school, Nico is well known friendly, not picky friends, and want to be friends with anyone.

One of Nico’s talents is imitating Srimulat’s jokes. Usually this is done during recess or during class breaks.

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5. Shining more and more in the world of acting

Joni's Promise, Wrong Stu of Old School Nicholas Saputra

After his role as Rangga, Nicholas Saputra shines again through Joko Anwar’s film, Promise Joni. In the film, which was released in 2005, Nico played Joni, a film roll delivery guy.

Through the film, Nico met his ex-lover, Mariana Renata, who also took part in the role. How are you, have you watched this film?

6. Hobby Travel

Nicholas Saputra Really Likes Traveling

Not only known as an actor, the man who is familiarly called Nico also often goes traveling to various corners of the archipelago, Parents.

This can be seen from a number of uploads on his Instagram account. In fact, almost all the photo and video collections on his Instagram show the tourist spots he visited and almost no photos of him.

7. Graduated from University of Indonesia

Architecture is a major that Nicholas Saputra took

Since he was a student of SMAN 8 Jakarta, the man born in 1984 was determined to enter a state university (PTN).

Therefore, Nicho and his playmates study hard and help each other before the exam. Apparently, Nicholas Saputra wants to study at a PTN because the cost is more affordable, Parents.

His efforts were not in vain, Nicholas Saputra managed to get the university and major of his dreams. It is known, Nicholas Saputra studied at the University of Indonesia and graduated in 2006.

Nicholas Saputra said, his love for drawing started with the way the teacher taught him fun during school. That’s why he chose Architecture major.

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8. Become a World Band VJ and Interview Vocalist

Nico Becomes VJ Channel V

Become a VJ Channel [V] made Nicholas Saputra get a lot of special experiences. After interviewing the supporting actress Mamammia! Nicholas was given the opportunity to interview Coldplay live with Chris Martin.

The arrival of one of the biggest bands in the world today, Coldplay, a few years ago was much awaited by music lovers. Program [V] Countdown covers Coldplay’s activities in Asia including Nico’s interview with the band.

9. Become a UNICEF National Ambassador

  UNICEF Ambassador

In 2019, the UN organization, Unicef ​​announced Nicholas Saputra as Indonesia’s new national ambassador to help with sanitation and clean water campaigns in this country. Of course, this selection has gone through a long selection process.

According to the representative of Unicef ​​Indonesia, Debora Comini, those who are appointed as ambassadors must have a clean personal life trace and have influence through the achievements of their works.

Nico has always been active in various environmental activities as an activist, such as when he was a guest star at Muara Angke for the Communication for the Development of Concern and Environmental Education for Indonesian Nature (KPAI), Flora Fauna International (FFI) in 2006.

10. Talented in Photography

Photography Hobby

Apart from hobbies traveling, Nico is also very talented in the field of photography. The 38-year-old actor often uploads photos of sights and tourist attractions in Indonesia and abroad.

This Javanese-German blooded man is indeed a hobby and talented in the field of photography. So, his Instagram account is used to display his photo works.

As a photography enthusiast, Nicholas Saputra said that the main factor when taking pictures is the quality of the camera smartphone in capturing color.

How Parents, regarding the old school facts and photos of Nicholas Saputra above? Manglingi, yes!

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