10 Tips for a Cool Home Without AC, Interested in Trying it?

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10 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Home Cool Without AC, Save Electricity More!

The use of Air Conditioner or AC is considered the easiest to dispel hot weather in tropical areas such as Indonesia. Unfortunately, turning on the AC constantly can make the electricity bill even more bloated. That is why we must immediately apply tips and tricks for a cool house without air conditioning to overcome it.

Not only can we save energy but we also contribute to reducing global warming. As is known, the use of household air conditioners is also one of the triggers for the greenhouse gas effect.

There are various ways to keep the house cool even without turning on the air conditioner. Anything? Check out the description below!

10 Tips for a Cool Home Without AC, Interested in Trying it?

1. Close the Curtains on the Window

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Family Handyman, as quoted by the Huff Post, notes that up to 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from windows. Close the windows using curtains to lower the room temperature. This method can help prevent the house from becoming a mini greenhouse, especially when the windows face south and west.

In addition, the selection of the right curtains is also influential. Dark curtains block out the sun but isolate the room in which they are installed. However, the curtains are neutral in color with a white plastic backing to reduce heat gain by 33 percent.

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2. A Cool House Without AC Can Be Realized with a Strategic Window

The window is the most important component for ventilation and cooling of the house. In particular, there is the concept of cross ventilation, namely by making windows of the same size face each other: air is sucked into the house and then out through the opposite window. This concept can create a nice natural breeze.

“The more windows you can open, the more flow you’ll have inside the house,” said Vivan Loftness, a professor of architecture and former principal of the school of architecture at Carnegie Mellon. Popular Science.

In addition, you must also pay attention to the direction of the wind. Because, the key to creating good cross ventilation is with the right wind direction.

3. Make a DIY AC Fan

You must have seen this trick many times on Instagram or TikTok. Fill the mixing bowl with ice (or something equally cold, like an ice pack), and position it at an angle in front of a large fan so that the air escapes from the ice in an extra cool, misty state.

4. A cool house without air conditioning with a garden inside

Cool house without AC

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A house with an open garden in it can be useful for encouraging air movement around it. The open space in the middle of the house can make air circulation smoother. Moreover, the presence of green trees that do not make a fresh impression but also increases the supply of oxygen in the house every day.

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5. Don’t Use Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials such as clothing, bed linen, and curtains can make it difficult for the skin to breathe freely and increase body temperature. We recommend using cotton or linen for home furnishings including pillowcases and sofas.

6. Pay attention to the use of devices that trigger heat

Cool house without AC

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Using the oven or stove in the house can trigger hot air. Likewise with a number of electrical devices. Turn off the lights during the day and unplug the device from the wall outlet. Because, even if you don’t use electronics, they can be electrified and generate heat.

7. High Ceiling House

Cool house without AC

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A low ceiling can make a room hotter. On the other hand, high ceilings make the room feel cooler. The reason is because it can help smooth air circulation. The ideal ceiling height for a tropical climate ranges from 2.8 meters to 3.5 meters or higher.

8. Use Roof Heat Resistant Material

The house can be cooler if it is equipped with UV protection or heat shields. There are three types of heat-retaining materials that can be used, namely aluminum foil, glasswool, and aluminum foil bubble foil. How to install it is fairly easy and usually and the price is quite affordable depending on the type.

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9. Let the Night Air In

10 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Home Cool Without AC, Save Electricity More!

Source: unsplash

During the summer months, temperatures may drop at night. Take this time to freshen up the room in the house. Open the bedroom window or door of the house at night for a few moments. Let the air in then close the lid again.

10. Focus on Body Temperature

The point of all this is to refresh the body. Focus on keeping your body from overheating, for example by taking a cold shower, drinking fresh drinks, and wearing comfortable clothes that absorb sweat.

Those are some tips to keep the house cool even without air conditioning. Avoiding the use of air conditioning also contributes to saving energy. Although some tricks require a lot effort but not inferior to the benefits, right?


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