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Every individual has the power to bring about change

Dream – Millennials and Generation Z, the term for those born between 1980 and 2000, are now entering their productive age. This generation is dominating the world of work because there are more people than other generations.

In the next few years, it is even predicted that half of the productive age population in Indonesia will be millennials. In this era, millennials will become changemakers to create deep-rooted and sustainable impacts.

Screenshot of Ferdike Yunuri Nadya© Ferdike Yunuri Nadya

“We believe that every individual has the power to bring about change, a power in the form of seeds waiting to be grown,” explained the Chairwoman of the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation, Monica Oudang at the Changemakers Nusantara Day virtual event, Thursday 18 May 2022.

Become a changemaker certainly not a difficult thing as long as everything is done from a sincere heart and consistency. The real evidence can be seen from the figure of Susi Pudjiastuti, former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries which is also Founder of the Indonesian Sea Pandu organization, which is considered by the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation (“YABB”) worthy of being called a changemaker for Indonesia.

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Important Capital According to Susi Pudjiastuti

Susi Pudjiastuti in her speech said that courage and collaboration are the main capital to create breakthroughs and changes.

Screenshot of Ferdike Yunuri/ Dream© Ferdike Yunuri Screenshot/ Dream

“A capital that is not obtained from birth, but is something that is honed throughout the journey of life,” explained the woman who also owns the airline business.

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Dare to Break

Intrigued to see the problems that exist around him encourages Susi Pudjiastuti to dare to break the existing standards and provide new innovations.

Screenshot of Ferdike Yunuri/ Dream© Ferdike Yunuri Screenshot/ Dream

“At the same time, it opened my eyes to the importance of working hand in hand with other parties to bring about significant change,” added Susi.

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Change Starts with the People Closest

Susi Pudjiastuti always invites to make changes from the closest people until later it will be born changemaker others that can also infect others like a domino effect.

Screenshot of Ferdike Yunuri/ Dream© Ferdike Yunuri Screenshot/ Dream

“I always apply it to my grandchildren if they want to play on the beach, they can’t litter. Even yesterday after the holidays there was a lot of garbage from visitors, I asked them to clean up the garbage before playing, “added Susi.

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Become a Changemaker

Screenshot of Ferdike Yunuri/ Dream© Ferdike Yunuri Screenshot/ Dream

Ahead of National Awakening Day, Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa (“YABB”) held Changemakers Nusantara Day to celebrate the success of thousands of changemakers who have created a positive impact on society and the environment.

Through this event, the participants are equipped to become change agents who have a critical mindset, are tough, are able to utilize technology, and are ready to work together with other parties to create a stronger positive impact.

YABB invites the public to nominate friends, relatives, or even themselves who have succeeded in bringing about real changes from simple to complex things to join Changemaker Nusantara.