5 Hilarious Reasons Bin Ridiculous Why You Should Immediately Have Your Own Home. Yok, Can Yoook~

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The more mature a person’s age, of course, the life challenges faced by a person are also higher. Starting from small or trivial things, to matters that are considered crucial or very important. One of them is the dream of having your own home that does not become one with your parents. Don’t be surprised, this one problem is dreamed by many people out there, even though there is no intention of getting married yet. It is undeniable that the desire to have their own house is usually the dream of people who want to get married for reasons of being independent.

In fact, if you think about it, there are lots of reasons why you should immediately have your own house. It doesn’t always have to be a very serious reason, there are even silly and funny reasons that still make sense if you imagine it in reality. Well, some of the points below are funny reasons why you should immediately realize this one problem. Listen~

1. So that if you take a shower at night it doesn’t invite the suspicion of your parents, let alone take a shower before sahur during the fasting month

Illustration of a night bath / Credit: Nytimes

One of the things that annoys and often makes you amused when you still live in the same house with your parents or in-laws is the limited freedom of privacy. Have you ever felt awkward when you wanted to take a shower in the middle of the night? In fact, yes, it’s just because it feels really hot and you want something fresh, that’s why you don’t want to have to take a shower at night. But the parents, right, must have different thoughts, you know what’s going on in their heads when we shower at night like that~

2. If at any time you feel really tired, you can wake up in the afternoon without anyone bothering you

Wake up comfortably / Credit: sleepscore

Keep in mind, when someone wakes up in the afternoon it doesn’t mean they are lazy or lazy to do anything. But, whose name is parents mah his way of thinking is always different. Anyway, it would be really annoying to see his son wake up at noon. Even though who knows, if at night there is work overtime to make you tired. Well, if you already have your own house, you will feel the pleasure of waking up in the afternoon without being disturbed.

3. Free to choose paint colors for walls, sometimes parents’ tastes don’t make sense

Paint the house according to taste / Credit: bramblefurniture

It is undeniable that the tastes of parents and young children are of course very different, one of which is the problem of choosing paint colors for this house. Not infrequently, they decide to paint the house in colors that they think are festive, even though it makes us feel tacky. It’s not like that, but if you already have your own house, right, you can decide for yourself the color you like. If you want a muted color, you can do it, it’s okay to have colors like disco lights too~

4. Feel free if you want to have more pets. Usually, if you want to keep a cat, it’s really difficult to get a permit, it’s a waste to want other animals. Hmmm~

If you want to raise a cat, the struggle is quite heavy / Credit: catsathomepetsitting via catsathomepetsitting.com

As an animal lover, of course, you will feel that something is missing at home if you don’t have a pet. Usually, the most common ones kept by many people are cats, but it’s not uncommon if you want to add others. The problem is, if you still live with your parents or in-laws, this wish will be very difficult to realize. It’s a different story, if you have your own house, it’s perfectly fine to want to raise a cat or even a bull.

5. Free to wear any clothes or just wear a singlet when the weather is hot. Yes, at home in-laws want the same thing

Enjoyment of using singlet / Credit: Instagram aliandoo

For some people, wearing a singlet when at home is a luxury and happiness in itself, especially when the weather is hot. However, it seems that this one blessing from God will be difficult for you to get when you are still living at the house of your parents and in-laws. Instead of feeling the pleasure, what is there is said to be disrespectful, especially if your parents or in-laws are rigid individuals. Hiiii~

The dream of owning your own home is not an easy matter, there are so many sacrifices and struggles that you have to do to achieve it. Little by little, yes, there is no need to rush, later sustenance will also come if you try. Yes, yes, yes~