Ahead of Liga 1, RANS Cilegon FC Buyar Coach Plans

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1NEWS – The plan of RANS Cilegon FC coach Rahmad Darmawan disbanded ahead of Liga 1 2022.

Because, the trial match of RANS Cilegon FC against Tangerang All Stars and PS AU did not go according to plan.

The match at the Indomilk Arena, Tangerang Regency, Friday (20/5), had to be stopped due to heavy rain.

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Based on 1NEWS’s monitoring at the Indomilk Arena, heavy rain and lightning started to occur at 16.30 WIB.

Rahmad said the weather did not allow to complete the fourth round in the trial.

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“We can’t continue with the remaining two rounds,” said the man who is familiarly called RD at the Indomilk Arena Friday (20/5).

The former Indonesian national team coach admitted that he had prepared five rounds in the trial match against the Tangerang All Stars and PS AU.

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According to RD, the scheme aims to forge the physical condition of the RANS Cilegon FC players.

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