Allow the song to be used, Kunto Aji is now all-in-one – Wrong

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Allow the song to be used, Kunto Aji is now all-in-one - False - Photo 1

1NEWS, Singer Kunto Aji mentioned the use of a song. He said that he would not question his song work to anyone who uses it and would not ask for royalties either.

However, Kunto Aji said that it could be done as long as it was not for commercial purposes.

This, Kunto Aji conveyed through his personal Instagram.

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“All friends who want to use my song, as long as it’s not for commercial purposes, once again I say, please,” wrote the singer of “Rest” via Instagram on May 18, 2022.

Investigate after investigation, apparently the 35-year-old man conveyed the issue of royalties on the basis of replying to messages that came to him on Instagram.

“The life of the song comes from the listener’s interpretation. Alias ​​is also tired of replying to this one-on-one message,” said Kunto Aji.

Good intentions are not always welcomed. Apart from the pros, apparently there are also those who are against or criticize Kunto Aji’s statement.

Because of that, Kunto Aji responded further.

“My post about the use of songs is everywhere. The intention is only to respond to incoming DMs. Now the issue has widened to things that are not the point of conversation. Education is still long,” wrote Kunto Aji via Instagram Story on Saturday (21/5). /2022).

Regardless, Kunto Aji is still grateful to fans who have understood his statement well.

“Never mind, it’s good to be rich now, viral viral but lazy to enter the piranha pool too,” added Kunto Aji.

Allow the song to be used, Kunto Aji is now all-in-one - False - Photo 2
Kunto Aji’s Instagram Upload

Kunto Aji also thanked fans for not being shy about asking about royalties, rather than just judging them.

“This is also delicious. I’m really grateful to have listeners like you. I want to read and understand before commenting. I’m not ashamed to ask. Thank you guys,” said Kunto Aji.

The discussion of royalty has always been sensitive because it reaps the pros and cons. Including, discussions on Government Regulation No. 56 of 2021 regarding Royalty Management of Song and/or Music Copyrights.[]


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