Dahlan Iskan’s notes about the PCR Test: Eid Gifts

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1NEWS – “I have to do PCR first. Then I can meet,” I said to Meiling.

Even in Singapore. New PCR results are sent 24 hours after the test. That night, even though there was a meeting at 19.00 I had to stop by PCR. The day after tomorrow, early in the morning, I have to return to Indonesia.

“Why PCR?” Meiling asked.

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“I don’t know. Maybe Singapore regulations,” I answered carelessly.

Meiling also found a PCR place near the Financial Center – the meeting place that night. While having dinner. In the 2nd tallest building in Singapore.

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“Just PCR at Raffles Hospital,” he said after he finished fiddling with his cellphone.

The Bentley turned to the address in question. Go up to the 2nd floor. Wow.

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Long line. I want all PCR. There is a queue for the go show, there is a queue for ”already made an appointment”. At first I lined up at the go show.

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