Having a Rich Entrepreneur Husband, These 8 Artists Are Still Trying To Find Their Own Income. Hello!

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Many artists are married to fellow artists in Indonesia. But some choose a partner who is not from the entertainment industry. There are a number of female artists who end up marrying entrepreneurs. It’s not the origin of your businessman, because they are already successful and rich.

His fields are also varied, ranging from the luxury watch business to mining. After marrying these businessmen, the artists became more and more affluent. But they still work to develop a career and earn a living.

Let’s look at the row of female artists who continue to work after marrying entrepreneurs. Apart from being active in the world of entertainment, some are also opening businesses. So they have several sources of income at once so they don’t have to depend entirely on their husbands. That’s cool too~

1. Sandra Dewi is the wife of Harvey Moeis, a wealthy mining entrepreneur. But he still opened various businesses ranging from culinary to cosmetic. The latest is the jewelry business

Sandra Dewi jewelry business via www. Kapanlagi.com

2. After marrying Raul Lemos, a successful businessman from Timor Leste, Krisdayanti continues to work as a singer. He even became a member of the DPR for the 2019-2024 period

Krisdayanti on stage via www.instagram.com

3. Syahrini is still active as a singer after marrying wealthy businessman Reino Barack. This artist also continues to open various businesses ranging from culinary, cosmetics, property, to selling mukena

Mukena Syahrini which costs millions via www.instagram.com

4. Since marrying businessman Ardi Bakrie, Nia Ramadhani has become a conglomerate. But he still makes his own income, for example from the cake shop he opened

Nia Ramadhani and Jessica Iskandar via www.instagram.com

5. Dian Sastro is married to a media entrepreneur, Indraguna Sutowo. He is actively playing movies until now and his career is getting brighter

Dian Sastro at a film event via www.instagram.com

6. Maia Estianty has a husband who is a luxury watch entrepreneur, Irwan Mussry. This artist has remained active on the small screen and has been a judge for the Indonesian Idol competition since 2018

Maia Estianty on Indonesian Idol via www.instagram.com

7. Shandy Aulia became richer after marrying David Herbowo, a coal mining entrepreneur. However, she remains active in the entertainment world and has opened a number of businesses, one of which is SA Naturel cosmetics

Cosmetics brand made by Shandy Aulia via www.instagram.com

8. Ayu Dewi is the wife of a successful businessman named Regi Datau. After marriage, he remains active in the entertainment world as a film and television player to earn his own income

Ayu Dewi on television shows via www.instagram.com

That’s a row of artists who have successful entrepreneur husbands. Even though they are rich, they still work after marriage to earn their own money. Because they have the funds, time, and energy to do that. If we can’t imitate them now, there’s no need to be sad. Everyone has their own path~