His Father Dies, Dimas Seto: He Goes With Just One Breath

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1NEWS, Syafrudin bin Rahmat Latif, Dimas Seto’s father passed away on Saturday (21/5). Dimas Seto said that his father had been sick for a long time.

This was conveyed by Dimas Seto after burying his father’s body at the Tanah Kusir TPU, South Jakarta. Before he died, Dimas Seto’s father had suffered from several diseases.

“In fact, he has been suffering for a long time,” said Dimas Seto at the Tanah Kusir TPU, South Jakarta, Sunday (22/5).

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Dimas Seto said that he had been exposed to dengue fever (DHF) about eight months ago. Since then, his father’s condition has deteriorated drastically.

“At that time, Delta was still very high, then because he was already comorbid, after DHF did not return to his original physical condition, the decline was very drastic,” explained Dimas Seto.

Due to this condition, lastly Syafrudin bin Rahmat Latif had a heart attack and impaired heart function. By his family, he was rushed to the hospital.

“That Monday, he was hit, because he had a history of heart disease,” said the husband of Dhini Aminarti.

While in the hospital, Dimas Seto told that his father had received intensive treatment. But fate said otherwise, so Syafrudin breathed his last on Saturday (21/5) yesterday.

“The process takes one hour. Masha Allah, the death will be made easy,” said Dhini Aminarti’s husband.


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