LE SSERAFIM Appears on Inkigayo with 5 members, this is the reaction of Korean netizens | Kpop Chart

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LE SSERAFIM recently performed with five members, without Kim Garam.

Previously, HYBE and Source Music had announced that LE SSERAFIM would be promoting with 5 members for a while.

That’s because recently Kim Garam is being hit by a case controversy bullying while still in school.

On Sunday (22/05), LE SSERAFIM members performed on a music program Inkigayo with five members.

After watching the performance, Korean netizens on the Instiz site immediately commented such as:

“I like it very much,”

“It doesn’t look empty, it’s more pleasing to the eye,”

“I’m absolutely sure. I’m not saying this jokingly. I would believe you if you said that they debuted with five members.”

“Eunchae sings the part chorus very well. I don’t feel emptiness at all, hahaha,”

“That looks better, I think Eunchae fits perfectly in singing the part chorus

“It doesn’t look strange at all, I actually thought they were a five-member group,”

“This is better. The five members look beautiful, and part chorus that Eunchae sings is perfect,” and many other similar comments.

What do you think about the appearance of LE SSERAFIM with its five members? (1NEWS)