Maudy Ayunda’s profile, reportedly married to her best friend with the initials J

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The figure of Maudy Ayunda's alleged husband.  (Instagram/maudyayunda)

Maudy Ayunda allegedly officially married today and a flood of congratulations from fellow artists.

1NEWS – Maudy Ayunda shared a beautiful portrait wearing a bridal kebaya. Maudy Ayunda looked beautiful in a white kebaya, complete with a bun and jasmine flower arrangement.

“22.5.22,” wrote Maudy Ayunda writing today’s date, Sunday (22/5/2022). Maudy Ayunda also tagged the accounts of fashion designer Eddy Betty and photographer @iluminen.

A few minutes before sharing the ‘wedding’ portrait, Maudy Ayunda uploaded her portrait with a man. Unfortunately, the face of the man suspected of being Maudy Ayunda’s partner was hidden.

Leaked by Maudy Ayunda, the bespectacled man is his best friend. “Forever with my best friend,” wrote Maudy Ayunda on the same day.

The figure of Maudy Ayunda’s alleged husband. (Instagram/maudyayunda)

The allegation that Maudy Ayunda has officially married today is reinforced by congratulations from fellow artists. No doubt netizens are increasingly curious about the truth of Maudy Ayunda’s sudden marriage.

“Congratulations mood,” Rachel Amanda commented. “Congrats moddd! happy for you,” said Alika.

“Whaaaaat congrats!!!” wrote Kimberly Ryder. “So happy for you!,” replied Vidi Aldiano.

So what is Maudy Ayunda’s full profile like? Here’s the review.

Maudy Ayunda’s Profile

Maudy Ayunda was born in Jakarta, December 19, 1994. This girl is indeed stunning not only because of her beauty, but also because of the achievements she has made.

Previously, this woman whose full name is Ayunda Faza Maudya was known for her role as the eccentric Kugy in the film Perahu Kertas, where she co-starred with Adipati Dolken. Maudy was also lined up to sing the soundtrack for the film.

Maudy Ayunda uploaded a new photo which indicated that she was fine. [Instagram]
Maudy Ayunda uploaded a new photo which indicated that she was fine. [Instagram]

Maudy Ayunda’s Career Journey

Her role as Rena in the film For Rena in 2006 started Maudy Ayunda’s debut in the entertainment world. She received the Selected Leading Actress award at the 2006 Jakarta Film Festival for the role. He was only 11 years old at the time.

In 2009, Maudy starred in the sequel to Laskar Pelangi, namely The Dreamer. Here she plays Zakiah Nurmala, Arai’s idol, the main character. He also filled out the film’s soundtrack with a song called Chasing Dreams.

Maudy Ayunda’s career as a film actor has skyrocketed since then. He starred in a number of feature films such as House Without Windows, Kick from the Sky, Angel Without Wings, Paper Boat, The Nekad Traveler, as well as Habibie and Ainun 3 where he was trusted to play the teenage version of Hasri Ainun Besari.

Maudy Ayunda’s Music Career

Not only good at acting, Maudy is also a singer. The daughter of Didit Jasmedi and Muren Murdjoko released her debut album entitled “Call me…” in 2011. In this album, there is also one song he wrote entitled Stay Together. One of the singles that later became a hit was Suddenly Cinta Comes.

After that, Maudy Ayunda was often lined up to fill out the soundtrack for the films she starred in. For example, in Paper Boat, he also sings a song of the same name by Dewi Lestari.

Maudy Ayunda's Style, The Beauty Who Entered Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2021. (Instagram/@maudyayunda)
Maudy Ayunda’s Style, The Beauty Who Entered Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2021. (Instagram/@maudyayunda)

The song brought him as a newcomer to the Indonesian music scene. He was nominated in the Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2013 for the categories of Best Newcomer and Best Original Soundtrack Production Work.

The older sister of Amanda Khairunnisa, she aired a mini album with a music video on her Youtube channel in 2013. The album, titled My Hidden Collection, contains four songs of her own composition in English.

Maudy also had a duet with singer David Choi in 2014. The song is entitled By My Side and was nominated for the 2015 Indonesian Music Award for Best Pop Collaboration.

Maudy released an album with a sad and reflective feel entitled Moments when she was growing up. This album successfully sold more than 200 thousand copies and was certified Multi Platinum. Moments was also nominated for Best Pop Album and Best Album at the 2015 Indonesian Music Awards.

Still in 2015, Maudy participated in the film Battle of Surabaya as a voice actor. He released his own single Jakarta Ramai at the end of the year. She also won an award as Female Single of the Year at the Indonesian Choice Awards.

Maudy Ayunda on the Moana soundtrack.  (Youtube/DisneyIndonesia)
Maudy Ayunda on the Moana soundtrack. (Youtube/DisneyIndonesia)

The following year, while studying at Oxford University, Maudy released two singles, namely Again and How Far I’ll Go (the Indonesian version of the soundtrack for the Disney film Moana).

In 2017, Maudy sang a song titled Satu Bintang di Langit Kelam which was popularized by the trio Rida Sita Dewi in 1995. She also released the singles Kejar Dreams and KuWaiting Kabarmu in the same year.

In 2018, this former lover of Arsyad Rasyid released her third album entitled Oxygen. The album was nominated for the 2018 Indonesian Music Award as the Best Pop Album. She also received nominations for Best Female Pop Solo Artist for the single I’m Loving You and Best Collaborative Production for the single We Don’t (Still Water) with Teddy Adhitya.

In addition, he is also involved as the official song singer for the 2018 Asian Disability Sports Party. The song, entitled Song of Victory, was sung with a number of well-known Indonesian musicians, including Once Mekel, Vidi Aldiano, and Lesty Andryani.

In 2019, Maudy filled the Habibie & Ainun 3 soundtrack by singing the song Kamu dan Kenangan created by Melly Goeslaw. He also released the single Goodbye which was a ‘goodbye’ song before he left for the United States to continue his education at Stanford University.

Maudy Ayunda’s Achievements

Maudy Ayunda (Instagram/@maudyayunda)
Maudy Ayunda (Instagram/@maudyayunda)

Maudy Ayunda has enjoyed reading since she was 3 years old. He attended Mentari Intercultural School and was active in organizations. Maudy even served as the student council president at his school.

Maudy was accepted at Oxford University majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) after graduating from high school. Three years after graduating, he was accepted at Harvard University and Stanford University. He also decided to study at Stanford and take a double degree majoring in business and education.

The decision was in line with his dream of continuing to advance education in Indonesia. He was also active in the campaign against modern slavery which included forced labour, marriage, and hazardous work.

He was appointed as the spokesperson against modern slavery at the Vice President’s Palace in March 2017. Through his work, Maudy introduces modern forms of slavery and optimizes social media to spread the message.

In the previous year, she was voted Indonesian Inspirational Woman, Best Digital Influencer, and Most Influential Millennial. Finally, before being selected in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in 2021, Maudy was also selected in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Indonesia in 2020 in the Art, Style, and Entertainment category.

That’s the profile of Maudy Ayunda who is reportedly officially married. [Chandra Wulan]


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