Men Please Be Sensitive! 10 reasons why women insist on ending their relationship with their partner, number 7 has experienced this

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1NEWS, Medan —

Love relationships do not always end happily like romantic films that often appear on the screen. There are some who have ended up hurting him to the point of breaking up.

In Indonesia, one of the factors that cause couples to choose to separate is economic problems. Even so, there are several other reasons behind the decision.

Expert sex and relationships on Illicit Encounters – Jessica Leoni says relationship destroyers for men generally revolve around sex. But for women, it’s not about the quantity of sex that is the problem, but the quality.

“Especially men who put their own pleasure above partner them and doing too little (sex) to make her happy in bed,” Leoni said.

Here’s the difference trigger relationship ended according to women as quoted from, Sunday (22/5/2022).

1. Watching sporting events more often than with his girlfriend

2. Too selfish

3. Obsessed with video games

4. Lazy and never helps clean the house

5. Always go to nightclubs with his friends

6. Liking other boys

7. Loss of trust

8. Physical appearance changes (fatter)

9. Rarely spend time together

10. Economic problems


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