Online Taxi Driver Harassed Passenger Viral – 1NEWS

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When ordering a taxi online, not a few passengers are targeted by unscrupulous drivers in the car. This time, the owner of the Twitter account @xiaotiengg shared his friend’s bad experience when he was in an online taxi.
The story begins when a friend of the account owner wants to go home using an online taxi. Get an online taxi that is recorded by the application using the Toyota Avanza.

Then the friend got into the car. On the way, his friend asked an online taxi driver for help to stop by a mini market.

The online taxi driver agreed and then stopped at the convenience store. The passenger got off the Toyota Avanza and headed to the minimarket. Less than three minutes, the driver approached the passengers to get into the car with a high tone.

Then the passenger got into the car and continued to be lectured inside. The driver also said that the passengers were poor because they used online taxi services.

“Poor you, if you are rich why do you use a gojek. You should be able to use a car. You told your papa,” said the online taxi driver.

“You’re from the mall, why don’t you go shopping at the mall? Because you don’t have money to make you look prestige. You’re being presumptuous, you tell me to do that. If you tell me to (sorry) you want it? there’s this 500 thousand. I’ll give it now. Do you have a brain?” concluded the online taxi driver to the passenger.

When they arrive at their destination, passengers are asked to give them 5 stars. Then the online taxi driver left after dropping the passengers.