Raffi Ahmad-Mimi Bayuh’s affair issues are getting hotter, the responses of Rafatar’s caregivers and in-laws are in the spotlight: Remember, Karma is not as sweet as dates!

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1NEWS, Bogor —

Again, the household of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina was hit by bad news. The news of Raffi Ahmad’s affair with the woman suspected of being Mimi Bayuh, who is none other than the finances of the Sultan of Andara, is heating up.

Until now, it is also known that Raffi Ahmad has not provided any clarification. Whereas previously, Raffi Ahmad was quick to speak up when he was accused of having an affair with Nita Gunawan.

In the midst of the heat, Lala, Rafathar’s nanny suddenly steals attention and does the unexpected.

Recently, Lala has been observed uploading a TikTok video with an unusual appearance. In the video, Lala, who is used to being known as calm, is seen throwing satire at someone.

“I can still be covered with a mottled filter, what do you cover your rotten heart, Shroud?” he squeaked.

“Indeed you are good at twisting facts. But remember, karma is not as sweet as dates WARNING Karma is REAL #karmataksemaniskurma #shela_lala96 #fyp #waykanan #lampungsaid Lala.

These two TikTok Lala videos have been seen by thousands of netters. Many suspect that Lala indirectly gave a warning to Mimi Bayuh.


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