Residents raid the bazaar at HBKB Rawamangun

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1NEWS – The bazaar is back on the Motor Vehicle Free Day (HBKB) which was held at Jalan Pemuda, Rawamangun, East Jakarta, Sunday (22/5).

The Head of Pulogadung Sub-district, Bambang Pangestu, said that the bazaar is no longer on the main road.

“However, we keep the independent bazaar in an access pocket to Jl. Pemuda,” he said on Jl. Youth, East Jakarta, Sunday (22/5).

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One of the bazaars is available on Jl. Sunan Drajat, which is not far from the Youth Rawamangun Transjakarta Bus Stop.

Bambang explained that before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, the bazaar was indeed on Jalan Pemuda.

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However, he considered the situation at that time to interfere with the activities of people who wanted to exercise.

For that, He arranged the bazaar which is now much better.

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“It can be seen that the community is so free and free. Of course this can also be used as an evaluation material,” he said.

Related to this, Bambang wants to propose the current bazaar arrangement to be applied to HBKB in other locations in the future.

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