The Moment of Assistance Reply to Marselino Ferdinand’s Service to Ronaldo Kwateh

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“Against the Philippines, Marselino’s goal came from Ronaldo’s efforts. Now, it’s the other way around. Check out the video!”

1NEWSIndonesia national team U-23 finally brought it home bronze medal after beating Malaysia U-23 on penalties 4-3 (1-1). Ernando Ari Sutaryadi is indeed a hero. But, the process of creating goals Ronaldo Kwateh quite classy. It takes advantage of assists Marcelino Ferdinand. A “return assist”.

Garuda Muda appeared with a makeshift squad when they met Malaysia at My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi, Sunday (22/5/2022) afternoon WIB, because several players were absent due to yellow cards, while others were injured.

The match was tight from the start. In fact, Indonesia had three raw golden opportunities when the match had just entered the fourth minute. Ronaldo Kick, Saddil Ramdaniand Witan Sulaeman which is very likely to be a raw goal in the goal mouth Young Tiger.

Ronaldo’s new goal was created by Ronaldo in the 68th minute. The process was very beautiful because Marcelino played one or two with Irfan Jauhariwhen Ronaldo maneuvered on the right flank.

Marcelino then sent a through ball for Ronaldo who ran from his right. And, impeccably, the son of former Liberia striker, Roberto Kwateh, sent the ball into the Young Tiger goal. Indonesia lead 1-0, although a few minutes later they equalized Muhammad Hadi.

Marselino’s assist to Ronaldo seemed like an act of retribution. The reason is, during the match against the Philippines, Marselino scored a goal through the penalty spot thanks to Ronaldo’s efforts.

If you remember, at that time Ronaldo maneuvered from the left wing. The youth born in Bantul, Yogyakarta, stabbed into the Philippines penalty box. Then, he was stopped and the referee pointed to the spot. Calmly, Marselino then scored a penalty that put Indonesia 4-0 ahead.

Ronaldo-Marselino collaboration is certainly proud. The reason is, both of them are members of the U-19 national team who are being prepared for the competition 2023 U-20 World Cup. Hopefully their performance will continue next year in a real event!

(andri ananto/you)