The Story of Nania Yusuf Returns to Islam After 12 Years of Apostasy, Heart Flutters When Remembering Death

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Nania Yusuf Islam

The touching news came from singer Nania Yusuf or familiarly called Nania Idol, who recently reverted to Islam. Nania said the creed guided by the teacher, Gus Miftah in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, on Saturday (21/5) yesterday. This news certainly made the public both touched and curious about Nania’s journey back to being a Muslim.

It is known that Nania indeed comes from a Muslim family, but she decided to embrace Christianity in 2009. This made the public curious about Nania’s journey until she finally decided to embrace Islam. What is Nania’s story like? Let’s see more information.

The last few years Nania’s little heart feels uneasy when she thinks of death

The singer who graduated from Indonesian Idol in 2004 admitted that he already had the feeling and desire to return to Islam two or three years ago. In fact, he often feels uneasy when he thinks about what religious procession he will be buried if he dies. The reason is, he feels that his extended family still cannot accept him as a full Christian.

“When I was silent, I thought about it this way, when I die, I want to be buried as a Muslim or a Christian. Because after all my family has not accepted me as a Christian. Even though they say ‘okay, I accept’, it’s just my parents’ heart (it must be heavy), I feel it,” said Nania, quoted from DetikHot, on Sunday (22/5).

Before the day of saying the shahada arrived, this 37-year-old woman had time to return to her parents’ house to express her intention to return to Islam. At that time he felt his heart was very calm and all the fears and burdens he had felt so far disappeared.

“When I talked about it (becoming a convert) to my parents, mom and dad, my burden was light, it felt like I would face anything, I wouldn’t be afraid anymore, because I have a big family,” added Nania.

Through uploading videos on his personal Instagram, Nani shows the process of pronouncing the shahadah. The atmosphere of serenity and emotion colored the moment. In fact, after saying the creed, Nania burst into tears.

Nania considers her journey to be guided by the power of prayer from her parents, especially her mother

Portrait of nania Yusuf | Credit by @nania.yusuf on Instagram

Nania Yusuf’s spiritual journey back to Islam, apparently did not only come from himself. According to him, the role of his family and close relatives who always prayed for him to open the door of guidance was quite a big part of his spiritual journey. Even though her parents and extended family allowed her when she decided to embrace Christianity, it turned out that they still wished Nania the best for everything.

“At that time (when he converted to Christianity) my father received a message from grandparents while chatting. Grandmother was very open minded and (said) ‘let it go, just let it go, but don’t let it go too much, while still praying’, said Nania.

Not only prayers that never break from the family, even the mother never misses the voluntary fasting on Mondays and Thursdays to pray for her. So it’s not surprising, when Nania expressed her determination to convert to Islam again, the mother immediately bowed in gratitude because she was touched and happy.

According to Nania, the power of prayer was the x-factor that made her open her heart and embrace Islam again. Even though she had received a ‘guidance signal’ from several years ago, Nania revealed that her peak was during Eid yesterday, when she was stepping on her mother’s feet.

“It means they have been waiting for 12 years for the process (to pray). Ladies and gentlemen pray every day, the power of prayer is extraordinary. When I was with my mom, I said, ‘If mom dies, who will pray, who will pray,’ said Nania, from there her mind became more open, and her heart became more confident.

In the midst of the happiness and emotion felt by Nania and her family, of course there is a past that is quite precious. Nania revealed that her experience of changing religions would be a life experience. “What yesterday will be my experience, knowledge cannot be separated from there, it must be from everywhere,” said Nania.