Viral, Thai puppy charged by police for wandering and missing on the street

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Viral, Thai puppy charged by police for wandering and missing on the street - Photo 2

ACCURATE.CO The action of the Thai police who charged a puppy has gone viral in cyberspace. The story is widely spread on the internet, the puppy was ‘arrested’ and charged by officers for missing and wandering the streets.

The incident, which managed to infuriate netizens, was revealed through a Facebook post from the Lumpini Police Station account in Thailand. In his post, a photo of a Golden Retriever puppy is seen languishing in the police station, complete with a sign with the identity and indictment on it.

“Name: Golden Retriever

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Indictment: Lost”, the sign reads, as seen in the photo.

In addition to the indictment, the board also includes other details, such as when the dog was found to the name of the condo. The police wrote it in full in hopes of finding its owner.

The funny story began on Monday (16/5), when officers found a puppy wandering without an owner in Life’s wireless condominium area, Jalan Witthayu Nea.

Seeing this, the officers rushed to check on the puppy, and asked the locals to look for the owner. However, after searching here and there, it turns out that no one has claimed the puppy.

After confirming that the puppy was ‘without an identity’, the officers immediately took the cute stray animal to the police station.

Post shared by Lumpini Police Station says the puppy was ‘charged’ after wandering around without a Facebook owner via WION News

Despite being charged with charges, the four-legged ‘suspect’ was pampered at the office by the police. Seen, he was fed a lot of food until he fell asleep with his body wrapped in a warm blanket.


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