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Indonesia’s location, which is between the continents of Asia and Australia, makes it a shortcut for many countries. This is actually a distinct advantage, in addition to being able to increase diplomatic relations, it can also increase state income. Therefore, Indonesia is considered important by various countries.

However, it seems that sometimes it also brings problems too. The reason is, several times the planes of neighboring countries just popped out without permission. As happened some time ago and made Indonesian netizens furious. Then why did it happen? So, let’s not be curious, see the full review below.

Malaysian foreign planes passing without permission

Some time ago, the Indonesian air force discovered an unauthorized flight from a Malaysian plane. Reporting from the Detik page, on May 13, 2022, an airplane flying from Kuching to Sunai Malaysia had to land by force because it was found to have violated the air barrier.

Unlicensed plane [Sumber gambar]

The plane was stopped at Hang Nadim Air Base Batam for interrogation and checking of completeness of documents. As is known, in air transportation between countries, there are its own rules, as well as the boundaries of the plane crossing. If there is a violation, it must be dismissed and it is possible to be fined for violating the rules.

The crew and crew are all inspected in detail

Because you don’t have flight clearance (FC) and flight approval (FA), made this Malaysian aircraft unregistered so that it entered as an illegal flight. This is considered dangerous because there is the possibility of smuggling to dangerous missions that threaten Indonesian sovereignty.

Forced landing [sumber gambar]

The crew and passengers were examined in detail, both in terms of documents and interrogation. From the results of the examination, it was found that smuggling and possible acts of threatening other countries were not found. All purely because of a misunderstanding the pilot did not know that passing through this route had to make a permit first. Finally, after the FC and FA have been met, the plane can return to the air.

Big fines will be waiting

Violation of airspace boundaries without permission is no joke. This is because everything is regulated in law and must be obeyed by every country that wants to pass. The owner of the ship or airline, is threatened with a fine of Rp. 5 billion, while the pilot is not subject to punishment or fines because he is only a “driver”.

Big fine awaits [sumber gambar]

The threat of a fine is in accordance with the Indonesian Government Regulation concerning the security of Indonesian airspace, article 10 paragraph 2. This legal rule is binding because it relates to the sovereignty of the Indonesian state. Therefore, the air force acts decisively and indiscriminately against countries that violate existing rules.

Not only Malaysia, even the US had violated

This is not the first time that border violations by foreign vessels have occurred. Not only from planes belonging to Malaysia, even from Uncle Sam’s country had time to pass without permission in Indonesia. As a result, the Indonesian Air Force immediately alerted its fleet when warnings via long-distance communication were not heeded. Many of the outer planes immediately returned to the right track when they were warned, but there were also those who immediately ran away because they knew they were wrong.

Not the first time [sumber gambar]

Investigate an investigation, this happened because some of them did not know that there was a special route for planes to pass through which did not need a permit. Yes, because Indonesia is a crossing route for many countries, usually foreign aircraft require shortcuts, as a result, special routes are made that do not need to use permits. However, unfortunately not all countries know about it.

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The existence of this incident proves that our air force is not playing games in maintaining sovereignty in this country. Regardless of which country, as long as he violates will be dealt with firmly. Because all of that is related to the pride of a nation.