Trial of Fellow League 1 Teams is Increasing, Persib Coach Reluctant to Latah Joins | 1NEWS

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Persib Bandung coach, Robert Rene Alberts, responded to two test matches held by fellow Liga 1 2022-2023 participants in the presence of the audience on Sunday (22/5/22).

There was also a trial match that brought together Persebaya Surabaya and Persis Solo at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium, and Arema FC against PSIS Semarang at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang.

According to Robert, each team has their own preparation agenda to welcome the 2022-2023 Liga 1 with different goals depending on needs.

“I don’t know the agenda and how long they’ve been training, but maybe it’s a trial for some players, selecting foreign players or local players. Every team has their own policies,” said Robert Rene Alberts.

Persib can actually do the same thing, but Robert is reluctant to rush because it is too early for Persib Bandung to hold a test match.

The reason is that the Bobotoh pride team has just started training on Tuesday (17/5/22), so that the condition of the squad is certainly not ready to play the match.

Persib closed the training program by holding an internal game at the Persib Stadium, Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bandung City, Saturday (21/5/22). The material lasted for four times 20 minutes.

“But I think it’s too early to start sparring when it’s only been a week of training. So we didn’t do that, but if there is a team that does that, yes they have their own program,” explained Robert.

Meanwhile, the Maung Bandung squad doubled their training center or Training Center (TC) in Batam during the preparation period to face Liga 1 2022-2023.

Robert Rene Alberts said that the Persib training camp was planned to last around 10 days in early June. His party and management are still finalizing a plan so that TC can run smoothly.

“In Batam, from June 2 to 12. We are currently finalizing the details, but what is certain is that the plan has been confirmed,” he explained.

The training camp in Batam is not the first time for Persib Bandung because they have held TC there in previous seasons.

The former PSM Makassar coach said that the TC program to prepare for the 2022-2023 Liga 1 competition received support from Viking Batam.

“We will have the support of Viking Batam which they have also supported us there before. Management has also been positive, now we are working on the details,” said Robert Rene Alberts.

During the training camp, Robert scheduled two test matches, namely in Batam and Singapore. However, the opponent that will be faced by Persib is still unknown.

“The plan is that I have spoken to two teams from Singapore and we can play one match in Singapore and the other in Batam,” said Robert Rene Alberts.

According to the Dutch coach, the plan for a trial against a team from Singapore must be prepared carefully because there is a heat wave there.

“The problem is the timing of the trip. There’s a heatwave going on, so we have to be careful when we play,” said Robert Alberts.

Robert considered it quite risky if his team continued to compete in scorching hot weather because it could endanger the condition of Persib players.

“It’s still in pre-season and training camp, of course we don’t want to take too many risks. The temperature there can reach 40 degrees and that’s not good for the players.”


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