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Match and death is God’s secret. Humans do not know when a mate will come or death will pick up. Maybe this sentence is appropriate to describe what happened to this couple in Bone, South Sulawesi.

Marriage which should be a happy moment, is filled with sadness. Only one day after getting married, the man from Bone had to accept the harsh reality. The wife faces the Almighty forever. Here’s the full story.

One day to be husband and wife

One day married, the man in Bone was left by his wife [sumber gambar]

A 28-second video is circulating on social media. In the video, a man known as Enal and a woman named Rahmatang are getting married. The two of them looked happy as they sat on the aisle. The marriage of the two lovebirds was held on Wednesday (11/5/2022). But unfortunately, Enal had to feel deep sadness because his beloved wife breathed her last on Thursday (12/5/2022).

Chronology of the death of his wife

One of Enal’s relatives named ZL said, Enal only sat on the aisle for a while because Rahmatang’s condition continued to decline. Then Enal and his wife entered the house. ZL tells Enal that he returns to his own house after the entire series of events at the bride’s house is finished.

One day married, the man in Bone was left by his wife [sumber gambar]

However, Ramhatang did not go to his husband’s house because he had been given an IV. In the afternoon, Enal returns to Rahmatang’s house for a mammatoa event or to meet in-laws. But at around 22.00 WITA, Rahmatang died.

Enal has known about his wife’s illness for a long time

One day married, the man in Bone was left by his wife [sumber gambar]

Apparently, since dating, Enal has known about his wife’s illness. ZL also said that Rahmatang had been suffering from typhoid for a long time. As a result of the disease, Rahmatang’s body looks very thin. Whereas according to ZL, Rahmatang used to have a fairly full body. Enal himself is a resident of Tajong Village, Tellu Siattinge District. Meanwhile, Rahmatang is a neighbor of his village.

Enal can’t hold back tears

One day married, the man in Bone was left by his wife [sumber gambar]

Seeing his wife lying stiff, Enal continued to sob while holding up his palms. The man who is still 24 years old is faithful to accompany his wife until the end of life. Even though his family and relatives have calmed him down, every time he hears his wife’s name, Enal immediately loses consciousness.

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Enal’s sad story made many netizens grieve. They sent their condolences and prayers. May his beloved wife Enal be placed in the best place. May Enal and the family left behind be given sincerity and fortitude.