Viral Photos Pregnant Women Left Standing on KRL, Passengers in Priority Seats Fun Playing Mobile Phones | 1NEWS

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This short video was then filled with astonishing comments from netizens, some of whom also quipped with their remarks.

“Understood that those who sit in priority may be elderly… đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚ Astaghfirullah haladzim….,” wrote the netizen.

“That’s why in the video, why don’t you give me a chair?” wrote the netizen.

“I’m pregnant when I’m like this… Auto sits downstairs, then the antipathy offers me a seatđŸ˜‚” wrote the netizen.

“May the pregnant women always be healthy…. Amen,” wrote the netizen.

“There is a better adab than just recording and making it viral, it is reprimanding with actions,” wrote the netizen.

“Mobile phones nowadays can be a tool to pretend you don’t know,” wrote the netizen.

Source: Instagram @ndorobei.official