4 reasons why sports teachers have a bloated stomach, while school cleaners are muscular

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Sport is one of the few subjects that school students look forward to. The only time-consuming lessons outside of class; make your body healthy and your mind fresh and not thinking too much. In addition, sports teachers are also often more santuy and not as many rules as other teachers.

The sports teacher is quite an interesting figure to talk about. Conceptually, sports teachers should have ideal posture because they assume they are diligent in exercising, but the reality says otherwise. Most of the sports teachers we meet are distended. It’s very different from the school janitor, why is that? Cekidot!

1. Sports teachers used to be strong, but since becoming a teacher, their time to exercise has decreased. Please understand~

Many administrative / Credit matters: Reportasenews

The sports teacher’s posture is not ideal because they rarely exercise. Their time for exercise is taken up because they have to take care of the work of being a teacher. Starting from teaching students, correcting, making RPP (Learning Implementation Plan), to attending meetings. They find it difficult to divide their time until they forget to exercise.

2. They are also busy taking care of their children and wives at home. After coming home from school there must be other things that must be done

One of them bathes and feeds the birds. / Credit: Bangkanews

Besides being busy taking care of school matters, sports teachers also have household matters. How do you want to exercise if after school there is still homework to do. They will take precedence over matters with their wives or children rather than just building their ideal body. What’s the point of having an ideal body when home affairs are neglected. Stupid is very distended which is important healthy!

3. The janitor is clearly more robust and muscular, every day his body moves, his muscles are automatically formed

His work is related to muscles / Credit: South Sumatra Ministry of Religion

The teacher sat a lot of correcting and attending meetings, while the cleaners were busy sweeping, mopping, and taking out the trash. From here, it can be seen which professions use body muscles. Obviously the cleaners are more muscular, because every day their muscles move. You don’t need to lift the barbell, you’ve already formed the muscles in your hands and arms.

4. Cleaners generally also have other jobs that also rely on muscles. How is it not formed?

Have another job. via m.1NEWS

Do not forget also that generally the cleaners have other jobs to support the necessities of life. Whether it’s opening a workshop, guarding a shop, to becoming a builder. Jobs that both rely on muscles. It’s no wonder that his hands are strong. The gym teacher clearly lost. ️

The school period always leaves a special impression in the memory. Memories of fun, mischief, and friendship are hard to forget. Likewise, memories of sports teachers are often compared, both with other teachers and cleaning staff.

The lack of robustness of their bodies has a valid reason. When they are not as flexible as they used to be to exercise, it is only natural that their stomachs are bloated. How not to be distended, the work person just sits down to correct the grades. How can you not be distended, when the student is exercising, he just sits watching, giving grades, while teasing the female students. ️