Acne never heals, it turns out that Henny Rahman is pregnant

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The news that Henny Rahman is pregnant has just been announced by the couple Henny and Alvin Faiz. The happy news was announced separately. Alvin Faiz announced his wife’s pregnancy through a video congratulating Henny Rahman’s birthday, which he uploaded to his personal social media account.

Meanwhile, Henny Rahman shared the happy news in his Instagram post @henny.yrahman on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Zikri Daulay’s ex-wife also shared her experience of how she first found out about her pregnancy.

Here is the story of how this couple found out that Henny Rahman was pregnant.

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Happy News: Henny Rahman Pregnant

1. Initially, Pimples Appeared on the Face

In his upload on Instagram, Henny Rahman said that before realizing that she was pregnant, she experienced acne on her face. The pimple at first only appeared around the nose and smooth, so he thought it was a mask.

However, the acne later appeared on the forehead and cheeks. It happened for a long time, even though it was not yet time for menstruation.

2. Mother’s Suspicion

3. Henny Rahman is pregnant

Because the acne did not go away, Henny had intended to do treatment. However, her mother forbade her because she suspected that her daughter’s acne was caused by pregnancy hormones. Following his mother’s advice, Henny Rahman then took a pregnancy test.

The results of the test pack he used showed two lines, one of which was vague. Seeing the line dubious, Henny Rahman asked a friend who is a midwife. He received information that although faint, the line can be interpreted as positive.

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3. Doing Pregnancy Tests Many Times

4. Henny Rahman is pregnant

Before asking the obstetrician, Henny Rahman took the time to do another pregnancy test. Although the results came back vague, Henny was declared pregnant by her obstetrician.

However, driven by curiosity, Henny bought a digital testpack while doing another self-test. In fact, the mother of one child admitted that she did the test for six days in a row to make sure she was really pregnant. The results showed that Henny Rahman was positively pregnant.

4. The Most Beautiful Birthday Gift for Henny

5. Henny Rahman is pregnant

The hijabi celebrity is very happy and very grateful to be blessed with a prospective baby right in the month of her birth. He felt like he got the best gift for his birthday.

“Masha Allah.. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah…. I got rid of the IUD (contraception) in March and God gave it as soon as possible, in my birth month too. Truly the most beautiful gift…. Be healthy dear, see you later. So now just enjoy the acne first, hehe ,” he said in an Instagram post.

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5. Alvin Faiz Expresses Happiness and Asks for Prayer

Alvin Faiz announces wife's pregnancy

Alvin Faiz announced that Henny Rahman was pregnant in a different way. He made a video collage of his togetherness with Henny Rahman and uploaded it on social media as a happy birthday. At the end of the video, he announced the news of his wife’s pregnancy.

His words in the caption also clarified the happy news, “O Lord, on this happy day, may Allah protect my wife’s pregnancy, be launched and be healthy until the time, amen,” wrote Alvin Faiz.

I hope you have a smooth and healthy pregnancy, Henny!


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