Getting to know the figure of Laksmi Shari De Neefe Suardana, the winner of Miss Indonesia 2022 from Bali

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Miss Indonesia 2022

The Miss Indonesia beauty pageant is always interesting to follow. Moreover, this beauty contest will give birth to champions who are not only beautiful in appearance, but also intelligent and have a noble vision and mission that have an impact on society. Like the figure of Laksmi Shari De Neefe Suardana who has just been elected as Miss Indonesia 2022.

Laksmi, representing Bali, officially replaced Ayu Maulida who became Miss Indonesia 2021. The happy and proud moment was held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan on Friday (27/5) night. After being crowned Miss Indonesia 2022, Laksmi did not escape the attention of the public who were curious about her figure. Who exactly is he? Following is Laksmi Shari De Neefe Suardana’s profile.

Laksmi was born and raised in Ubud, Bali which made her fall in love with nature and the art of design

Lakshmi’s Portrait | Photo from Instagram @laksmideneefe

The girl who was born in Ubud, January 26, 1996, is an Indonesian-Australian mulatto from the couple Ketut Suardana and Janet De Nefee. Laskmi grew up being raised by his parents in Ubud, a village in Bali which is famous for its natural beauty and cultural arts.

Born and raised in Ubud, it turned out to have fostered Laksmi’s love for natural beauty, and the art of design. Reporting from the Puteri Indonesia page, this third child of four siblings has hobbies of reading, cooking, playing tennis, horse riding, gardening, and climbing mountains.

Laksmi is active in various literacy activities in Bali through a foundation

Miss Indonesia 2022

Lakshmi’s Portrait | Photo from Instagram @laksmideneefe

As the champion of Miss Indonesia, of course Laksmi has many achievements. She holds an academic degree in Bachelor of Fashion Business from Polimoda University, Italy. Laksmi shared her moment of graduation during the pandemic and managed to graduate with honors cum laude at the fashion campus in the Florence, Italy area.

The 26-year-old girl is also active in literacy activities, such as hosting the IG Live Book Club for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival since 2020, the Bookshelf Tour 2021 Narrative Book Club, and being a moderator at the launch of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2021.

Laksmi’s parents are known to be the initiators and founders of the Young Swari Saraswati Foundation which was founded in 2004. The foundation is a non-profit foundation that aims to support the lives of the Indonesian people through arts and cultural programs, as well as being established as a recovery from the Bali bombing tragedy.

Laksmi is active as a volunteer who focuses on the world of education and children’s literacy

Miss Indonesia 2022

Lakshmi’s Portrait | Photo from Instagram @officialputiindonesia

The woman who works as Marketing Manager for Casa Luna Bali Group is also active in educational and social activities. He volunteers to teach English at Hope for Bali, Begawan Foundation. Laksmi also frequently visits the IIBB Children’s Special Guidance Institute in Karangasem, Bali. From this activity, on the night of the Miss Indonesia 2022 grand final, Laksmi had the opportunity to discuss the reading interest of Indonesian children, which she said needed to be improved.

The election of Laksmi as Puteri Indonesia 2022 at the same time made her make history as the first Balinese woman to win the prestigious beauty contest. As Miss Indonesia, Laksmi is also preparing to represent Indonesia at the Miss Universe 2022. For her success, she hopes to socialize Bali with sustainable aspects through the Puteri Indonesia Foundation.