Having hit IU, this French model proves that she has apologized to IU | Kpop Chart

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A model and influencer from France, Maria Travel has proven that she has already apologized to IU.

As fans know, previously Maria Travel received a lot of criticism for nudging IU at the Cannes Film Festival and not apologizing directly to her when the incident occurred.

Many netizens thought that the model intentionally nudged IU, even though she had seen it before walking towards her.

Because of this incident, many K-Pop fans have enlivened the model’s Instagram account with various critical comments.

Maria Travel later proved that she had apologized to IU via Instagram DM. He uploaded screenshots DM Instagram containing his apology to the singer and actress from South Korea.

Screenshots Maria Travel’s apology to IU (instagram.com/mariartravel)

Not only that, Maria Travel also uploaded screenshots his Instagram Story account statistics. He admitted that he was shocked because his Instagram Story was seen by more than 300 thousand people.

Instagram Story Maria Travel (instagram.com/mariartravel)

Previously, Maria Travel had also uploaded an apology video via her Instagram Story account for the incident. (1NEWS)

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