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1NEWS – More than fifteen percent of couples suffer from fertility problems, which then leads to difficulty in getting a child. This case also does not rule out the possibility of men.

Infertility in men is usually caused by low sperm production, a blockage in the sperm, having experienced an injury or because of chronic health problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

This decline in fertility rates can actually occur because of daily habits that you should not do. Launch page hellodocHere are some negative habits that should be avoided in order to maintain fertility.

Excessive use of sunscreen

Sunscreen can indeed protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, but recent studies suggest that the chemicals contained in it can interfere with sperm cell function. This is because the filters in sunscreen can penetrate the skin, allowing chemicals to enter the bloodstream and can even have a negative impact on hormones.

Too much alcohol consumption

Consuming too many alcoholic beverages will damage male fertility and can even reduce the quality of a man’s sperm.

Wearing too tight pants

Dressing to look fashionable is indeed a desire for some people. But at least, the appearance that you stretcher should not interfere with health. Such as wearing tight pants which are now a trend.

Did you know that pants that are too tight cause the genitals to become hot? In fact, it can reduce the number of sperm produced and can even lead to fertility problems. Therefore, wear appropriate and comfortable clothes.

Active and passive smokers

According to a study from the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, the more you consume tobacco or cigarettes, the health of your vital organs is compromised, it can even cause erectile dysfunction for men. In addition, research also states that cigarette smoke can have a negative effect on sperm DNA and can increase the risk of impotence.

Excessive exercise

Sport is indeed an activity that can nourish the body. However, too much exercise can actually make fertility decline. Sperm count will decrease and even increase the level of oxidative stress, so sperm will not function properly.

In addition, the testosterone hormone will decrease, while the stress hormone will increase. To avoid this, you should have a proper exercise program from an expert.