Rezky Aditya will take DNA test, wants to prove his son’s Kekey or not – Latest Celeb News

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Rezky Aditya finally opened his voice regarding the decision of the Banten High Court regarding his determination as the biological father of Wenny Ariani’s daughter, Kekey.

Related to this, Citra Kirana’s husband will do a DNA test, to prove that Kekey is really his flesh and blood.

“I did all of this, solely for humanitarian reasons and to resolve doubts about legal decisions,” said Rezky Aditya on Ana Sofa Yuking’s YouTube channel, Friday (27/5).

If the DNA of Kekey and himself really match, Rezky Aditya will carry out his responsibilities as Kekey’s biological father.

“I will be responsible and fulfill my obligations as a parent, if indeed the DNA test process can be carried out and the results prove that I am the biological father,” he said.

“I assure you, I will love and provide for him,” said the 37-year-old man.

In his statement, Rezky Aditya indirectly admitted that he and Wenny had a relationship.

“I apologize to all Indonesian people and all my family and also my fans, I apologize for my past,” he concluded.