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Here’s the full story!

Dream – A sad story experienced by a construction worker. The reason is to survive, the coolie whose identity is kept secret can only eat with rice and salt.

Even the man who graduated from high school is looking for wild spinach to be used as a side dish. This sad story went viral told by a twitter account user @widino.

The account says this coolie once brought a bottle to ask for drinking water because he couldn’t afford it.

This man has just graduated from high school as a handyman, he was told that he likes to eat rice and salt, sometimes he looks for wild spinach for a side dish. Often offered to eat by the next neighbor but likes to refuse, because it’s not that good. I once brought a bottle to ask for a drink because I couldn’t afford it. Brebes mil hear it,‘ wrote the owner of the account.

The sad story of high school graduates© High school graduate Ki

Account @widino This mention of this coolie family is also not that pathetic back home. Because he felt sorry, the owner of this account asked this man to clean the terrace area of ​​the house and his son was asked to water the plants.

“Because his son was very diligent, he was told to do whatever he wanted, finally I asked the front brother to ask him to clean the terrace so he could give him money and food,” he said.

“Meanwhile, I told my son to water the tree in front of the house every day so he could give him snacks without refusing. I just gave him Hokben, he was so happy that when I shook my hand, he kissed me, immediately put my glasses on,” he added.

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The story of the pain of a construction worker, his body was cut in half after being crushed by a forklift: many people are upset about asking about intimate relationships with their wives

Dream – A young man from America named Loren Schauers did not expect his life to be as bleak as it is today.

Imagine? The 20-year-old is now forced to live with miserable conditions. He had no legs, hips or arms.

What makes him even more disgusted and annoyed with his life is the attitude of people every time they meet him.

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All of this started in September 2019. At that time he was working using a forklift on a bridge construction.

Because it was too close to the edge of the bridge, the forklift he was driving suddenly swayed and fell down.

This poor young man fell along with a forklift from a height of more than 15 meters.

Unfortunately, Schauers was thrown from the forklift first until he reached the ground he was crushed by the heavy equipment.

His lower body was shattered, already unusable. He had to undergo major surgery after the fall of the forklift.

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Schauers of Great Falls, Montana, now lives in a deplorable condition. He had no legs, hips or arms.

The sad story of a construction worker falling down a forklift.© Loren Schauers / SWNS

Remembering the incident after being crushed by a forklift, Schauers was determined to allow doctors to perform hemicorperectomy surgery.

With this major surgery, the waist down Schauers’ body was amputated. Likewise, his right arm also had to be amputated.

The sad story of a construction worker falling down a forklift.© Loren Schauers / SWNS

The massive amputation below his waist certainly took away Schauers’ ability to reproduce.

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But he was determined to do it in order to save his young life and his long future.

Schauers actually had doubts after undergoing surgery. The problem is, the doctor said he wouldn’t be more than a month old.

But Schauers remains determined to be strong and patient to live his new life without legs, vital organs and hands.

Since the accident, Schauers is living his new life very well. He even often uploads videos every week on YouTube.

The sad story of a construction worker falling down a forklift.© Loren Schauers / SWNS

Schauers shares a YouTube account with his faithful wife Sabia Reiche. It is this 23 woman who has always been by Schauers’ side through all the troubles of his new life.

Since Schauers couldn’t move as agilely as before, Sabia had to do many daily chores for her husband.

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But there is one thing that makes this husband and wife feel annoyed and angry. This was revealed in a question and answer session on YouTube.

The sad story of a construction worker falling down a forklift.© Loren Schauers / SWNS

They can’t understand netizens who always ask how to have sex after marriage.

Schauers admitted that the question was very personal and should not be asked by netizens.

Even so, Schauers tried to give a short answer that the major surgery he underwent made him lose his vital organs.

Initially doctors tried to save his sperm. But Schauers said it was not necessary.

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“It’s a very personal question that we will never answer or bring up because it’s so disrespectful.

“You can’t just ask a random couple on the street and ask how they have sex,” said Sabia.

Sabia said she was still grateful that according to the latest examination, Schauers’ life expectancy was getting longer.

“Actually not sure, but the average is 11 years. The longest is 24 years. But they are not in the same condition as Schauers,” explained Sabia.

Sabia can only pray that Schauers’ life expectancy is very long, it can be more than 40 years.

Source: Daily Star