The Story of Tere Pardede’s Spiritual Journey to Convert to a Convert to Islam

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Tere Pardede Converts to Religion

Everyone has a unique story in their spiritual journey. A number of Indonesian artists have also chosen to convert to Islam because they find peace in Islam. Like the singer Tere Pardede who converted to Islam on September 2, 2000 ago.

Tere, a female singer who became famous in the 2000s, revealed her journey to converting to Islam. The musician whose full name is Annisa Theresia Ebenna Ezeria became a Muslim in 2000.

However, the news of Tere’s migration was only known around 2018.

It turned out that, during his journey, Tere’s mind had experienced an upheaval, so he decided to emigrate. What is the story of Tere’s spiritual journey until he decides to convert to Islam and emigrate? Check out his story as quoted from the following sources.

Tere Pardede Changed Religion, Starting with Questions about Religion

Launching from 1NEWSTere told how the beginning of his journey to becoming a convert to Islam in Indonesia Youtube Stories of World Converts – Stories of Truth Seekers.

Tere explained that since childhood he often asked and inquired about his religion with his religious teacher at that time, namely the nun.

“Actually, when I was in junior high school I once questioned several things about the position of Prophet Isa in the Bible (the Bible). Because it is clear that Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane to God. The prayer is the Our Father, the prayer is to His Father,” Tere said.

That’s where Tere wondered, because all he could remember was Mark’s letter stating that it was the One God who should be worshiped.

“I conveyed that to my first religious teacher, namely the nun, because I was in a convent, so I asked the nun. And when I asked why Jesus was crucified too, my sister said, I lacked faith because I asked things that were beyond the reach of human thought,” recalled Tere, who since then has not dared to ask the same thing again.

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Getting a Bright Spot when Discussing with College Friends

The Story of Tere Pardede's Spiritual Journey to Becoming a Convert to Islam

The question that never got an answer since Tere was in junior high, finally slowly began to find a bright spot when he was sitting in college.

At that time, a friend who is also a convert said that in Islam, Jesus is not God, but Prophet Isa AS.

From there, the singer of Awal Indah began to find out the truth by dissecting the contents of the Bible to the Koran. Finally, through verses about Prophet Isa AS, Allah SWT allowed Tere to get guidance.

Finding Answers in the Quran

The Story of Tere Pardede's Spiritual Journey to Becoming a Convert to Islam

Quote from innews.idAfter dissecting the Qur’an more deeply, Tere finally found the answer in Surah An-Nisa Verses 157 and 158. In it, it is explained from the Islamic perspective that Prophet Isa AS was not the one who was crucified.

Allah raised Prophet Isa directly to the sky as a form of His love and grace.

“In short, Allah allowed me to find verses that opened the horizons of my thinking and actually logically this has been” make sense. But my heart was still hard at that time,” he said, quoted from the STORY UNTUNG YouTube channel.

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The Story of Tere Pardede Converts to Religion, Has Been Agnostic for a Year

Tere Pardede Converts to Religion

From there, the composer of the song Aku Wanita seemed to have received a light of guidance, although Tere admitted that the process was not easy.

“I had a concussion of confidence due to stress. ‘Huh, so all this time I’ve been getting invalid information. That also makes me rich in protest. ‘How can that be? Why did I only find out now? Why did I get it in a non-Muslim family?” Tere said.

There were so many questions in Tere’s mind at that time, until finally she became agnostic for a year.

Until in the end, Tere said, his meeting with the Koran at that time was finally able to answer the question that had been unanswered since junior high school that Jesus was God or a prophet, and it had been clearly answered.

Got a Dream

The Story of Tere Pardede's Spiritual Journey to Becoming a Convert to Islam

During his time as an agnostic, Tere admitted that he received a severe rebuke from God by having a dream that he thought was very scary. From that dream he firmly embraced Islam.

“The dream at that time I lay stiff. Then there was a light that asked, ‘Who is your Lord? Who is your prophet?’ Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me wake up. That’s a message from the sky for me,” said the 42-year-old singer.

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Tere Pardede Finally Decided to Change Religion

The Story of Tere Pardede's Spiritual Journey to Becoming a Convert to Islam

Thanks to this dream, Tere finally firmly embraced Islam on September 2, 2000.

“From there, I felt more and more, ‘OK, I don’t think there’s any need to question it. The evidence is real. Well, like it or not, like it or not, you have to surrender,’ he said, launching from viva.

“Alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for me, September 2, 2000, I was allowed by Allah SWT to take the shahada at the Pondok Indah Grand Mosque, assisted by my friend who was broadcasting in daily slang preaching language, Jesus is Prophet Isa. From there Allah gave a door of guidance, Allah Let me say the creed and thank God I can definitively be called a Muslim at that time,” Tere added.

Tere decided to cover her aurat kaffah on January 6, 2017. She said that since wearing the hijab, she has received a lot of guidance. Now, after 22 years of hijrah, Tere is busy preaching and building a Muslim community that helps converts to migrate and learn the Koran.


Parents, that’s the story of Tere Pardede who decided to convert to Islam. Hopefully the story above can be a lesson for all of us, yes.

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