This is the reason why women are reluctant to share romantic relationships – Latest Celebrity News

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1NEWS Everyone has their own way and principles in living a relationship. Some of them choose to introduce their partner to many people, and some choose to keep it a secret. Especially women. Most of them do not like their love affair known by friends. Why? Here’s the review.

Feel more comfortable

Some women are comfortable with their hidden relationships, perhaps because they don’t want to be questioned or interfered with in their affairs. Usually, if one of our friends who has a girlfriend will be made a joke when they get together. Women who have the type of not wanting to make a fuss and are reluctant to be disturbed, will choose not to publicize their relationship. In addition, women feel that relationships that go public are more of a problem than being kept secret.

Feeling unsure

Many women are not sure about their partner so they choose to keep it a secret for a while until they are really steady and confident in their partner. As a woman, you will definitely choose a man who is responsible and able to protect his girlfriend. It is during this courtship that the woman will see the man’s efforts to fight for it.

Fear of losing friends

Not a few women are afraid of losing their friends because they have a boyfriend. They worry that their friends will feel that your time is no longer fully with friends. Therefore, many women choose to cover it up.

Don’t want a third person

The more people who know about the relationship you are in, the more trials there will be. In general, bullies come from people who don’t like your relationship. Those who also like your partner will surely feel jealous and try to get closer.