10 Maia Estianty Luxury Fashion Items, Exorbitant Prices!

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Maia Estianty's luxury fashion

Maia Estianty is one of the most popular Indonesian musicians in the 2000s. Maia Estianty is also one of the great-grandchildren of a famous figure, HO S Tjokroaminoto and is the granddaughter of the wife of the first Indonesian president, Siti Oetari. As a popular figure, it’s no wonder Maia Estianty’s luxury fashion is in the spotlight.

Currently Maia Estianty also has a YouTube channel with subscribers as much as 530,000. On various occasions, Maia appeared very stunning.

10 Maia Estianty’s Luxury Fashion

Maia Estianty is also famous for having style which is loved by many people. Turns out some items fashion owned by the mother of Al, El, Dul this has a fantastic price. Here’s a row of items fashion Maia Estianty’s luxury.

1. Dress

Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

In one episode of the Indonesian Idol show, Maia Estianty wore a collared dress with black and white patterns. The dress is a dress from brand FENDI. The price of the dress used by Maia Estianty at the Indonesian Idol event is around 47 million rupiah.

2. Mini Dress

Maia Estianty Luxury Fashion Mini Dress

Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

The black mini dress used by Maia Estianty is a product of brand Celine. If you look at the prices listed on the website Celine, mini pair dress in silk jacquard This is priced at around Rp. 32 million rupiah.

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3. Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress is Maia Estianty's Luxury Fashion

Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

In her personal Instagram upload, Maia Estianty is wearing a maxi dress from brand Tory Burch. The maxi dress is green, with floral patterns and maroon stripes. The price of the maxi dress used by Maia Estianty is around 12 million rupiah.

4. Sweatshirt


Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

The sweatshirt used by Maia Estianty this time is black with some white stripes and the words FENDI. Maia Estianty wearing a sweatshirt from brand FENDI with a price range of 21 million rupiah.

5. Bag

Maia Estianty's luxury fashion

Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

Maia Estianty also quite often uses luxury bags. One of them is this blue bag. This bag is a Hermes Birkin 30 Bag MYKONOS Ostrich PALLADIUM which is priced at 585 million rupiah. The price of a house Parents!

6. Knitted Shirts

Knitting Shirt

Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

The black knit shirt with the white V logo is a product of brand Valentino. Maia Estianty bought the knitted shirt at a price of almost 40 million rupiah.

7. Watches

Maia Estianty's luxury fashion

Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

The watch used by Maia Estianty in her personal Instagram upload is one of the watches from brand Rolex. Black with gold hues, this is a Rolex watch of the Yacht-Master 40 type. The price of the watch is around 500 million rupiah.

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8. Shoes


Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

Boots This red made of leather is boots from the Farfetch brand. For those of you who want to have shoes boots red like Maia Estianty, you need to prepare 21 million rupiah.

9. Blazer


Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

This time Maia Estianty wore a red blazer as an external. The red blazer is a product brand FENDI. To be able to get the red blazer used by Maia Estianty, you need to prepare approximately 33 million rupiah.

10. Jacket

Maia Estianty's luxury fashion

Source: Instagram @maiaestiantyreal

Items fashion Another luxury owned by Maia Estianty is a jacket. Jacket in blue and gray with patches the butterfly is a product of brand Valentino. This jacket is priced at 31 million rupiah.

This is information about luxury fashion items belonging to Indonesian artist Maia Estianty. The price is exorbitant right, parents? Interested in bringing one of them home?

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