Agnez Mo Confidently Uploads Photos Without Makeup, Admits I’m Not Perfect but Still Proud

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Agnez Mo

Having perfect facial skin is everyone’s dream. However, being able to accept your imperfections is part of loving yourself. This is what top musician Agnez Mo does, who recently uploaded a photo of his face without makeup.

Agnes Mo is indeed known as a musician who has a career in the international arena, her perfect appearance makes her admired by many people. However, it is not uncommon for Agnez Mo to have plastic surgery rumors because he often uploads photos when appearing on stage. This time Agnez Mo confidently showed a photo of herself without makeup and camera filters, but she was still proud of who she was.

Showing your imperfections is Agnez Mo’s way of supporting mental health

If usually Agnez Mo uploads photos with flawless makeup at various events, this time it’s the opposite. The singer who was born on July 1, 1986, confidently uploads a selfie of himself without makeup and camera filters. There were lots of pimples and black spots on Agnez Mo’s face. However, instead of complaining and being embarrassed, Agnez Mo revealed this to be his way of supporting mental health.

“No filter (not even a Paris filter – you know what I’m talking about!). No make-up. This is my way to support Mental Health Awareness Month,” wrote Agnez Mo in the caption of her uploaded photo.

In the upload there are 10 photo slides that clearly show Agnez Mo and his facial skin. He also looks simple, only wearing a plain white shirt that is seen in the photo he shot.

Agnez Mo admits that he is still happy with the imperfections he has and makes him more grateful

Portrait of Agnez Mo with makeup | Credit photo by @agnezmo on Instagram

For the singer of the song “Coke Bottle”, nothing is more important than inner happiness. According to him, happiness does not come from a flawless face without pores. From the photos that show her facial imperfections, Agnez Mo actually feels happy and grateful.

“My photos, my skin, how I look in these photos are far from perfect, but what’s interesting is that no matter how I look, I feel HAPPY, full and grateful,” wrote Agnez Mo again.

Furthermore, Agnez Mo considers that this is a warning to himself so that he can always feel what he thinks about the imperfections of his face, not just about wanting to look perfect which other people might think about him. Agnez also told of the skin problems she experienced due to sun exposure and acne which she said were skin problems that were quite normal as a human being.

“And here I am with sun damage and pores (last I checked I’m still human) and it turns out to be acne,” he joked.

On the last slide, Agnez Mo shows his photo with tired eyes. Then he advised his followers that even though they felt tired, they still had to smile and be grateful.

The photo upload and Agnez Mo’s opinion about the imperfections of his facial skin have received a lot of praise from netizens. They think Agnez Mo is still beautiful physically and in his heart. Some even think that what Agnez Mo shares is very inspiring.

“Already beautiful, her heart is also beautiful, success is always yes,” wrote @bennu******

“Ther you go! (This is it!) Thanks for sharing this. Sunch an appeciation for ourseves,’ wrote @didiet****