Allegedly the culprit of Doddy Soedrajat’s actions all this time, Puput finally exposed her ex-husband’s disgrace: I have to speak the truth!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Puput has been suspected of being the culprit for the actions of her ex-husband, Doddy Soedrajat, which has often been controversial. As if answering netizens’ accusations, Puput finally openly exposed Doddy Soedrajat’s character.

The mother, continued Vanessa Angel, admitted that her ex-husband had never been given a living.

“I have to be honest if he gives me I say give, if he doesn’t give I have to say it is what it is. Until this moment there really isn’t any,” beber Puput.

Not only that, Puput also admitted that he had not communicated with Doddy until now. The reason is that Puput’s contact has been blocked by Vanessa Angel’s father.

“My WA is blocked by him, so there is no communication whatsoever,” he continued.

Puput also responded to Doddy’s recent trip, including to Bali. According to him, Doddy was using the insurance money he got from Vanessa Angel’s death.

“Maybe he’s holding money from anywhere, whether it’s insurance money. Well, let him enjoy it,” quipped Puput.

Puput also said that he often gave money to Doddy when he was still married. He also quipped Doddy who has no income and often relies on him.

“Yeah, let it be, maybe you’re enjoying it, from those who never hold money at all, the most you can get from me is maybe,” concluded Puput.


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