FK Senica Bankrupt and Forced to Degradation, What’s the Fate of Egy and Witan?

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“The moral lesson: be careful when choosing a club…”

1NEWS – News of the bankruptcy FK Senica to be in arrears and unable to pay player salaries is no longer new news. And getting here the news shows the truth.

According to the official website of the Slovak Football Association (SFZ), the appeals body of the licensing procedure decided on Friday (27/5) after assessing the documents provided by FK Senica as part of the appeal, that FK Senica’s club license has been revoked and that means they cannot play in the 2022/2023 Fortuna League.

“For non-compliance with infrastructure requirements (house meeting stadium) and financial licensing criteria (annual accounts, obligations due to other football clubs and own staff, financial information for the future), the licensing authority decided to enforce the decision of the first-level licensing authority and does not grant FK Senica a license to start in the Fortuna League and UEFA club competitions in the 2022/2023 licensing season.” write local media reports.

FK Senica was actually a club in the middle of nowhere, before the name Egy Maulana Vikri brought from Lechia Gdansksuddenly among Indonesian football lovers, FK Senica is quite well known, especially coupled with the arrival of another Indonesian national team player, namely Witan Solomon.

The question is, with the club’s current condition, what will happen to the two players? Indonesian National team the.

The good news is that Egy and Witan are no longer under contract with FK Senica since last month. It was confirmed by their agent, Dusan Bogdanovic.

It is still unknown where Egy will continue his career, there are many rumors circulating that he will continue to play in Europe but not a few think that the player from North Sumatra will return to play in the Indonesian League.

Meanwhile, Witan Sulaeman, who was brought on an official loan, returned to Lechia Gdansk, the highest caste club in Polish football, with a contract until September 2023.

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