Hotman Paris’s Totality, Changes his Eccentric Appearance to Gmblong Traders at the Top for TV Program Promos | 1NEWS

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Hotman Paris’ temperament while working outside the city was exposed by Aspri

Dream – Hotman Paris Hutape recently brought three personal assistants during a visit to Bali. Apart from taking a vacation, it is known that Hotman has also revealed the business he owns on the Island of the Gods.

As a lawyer who is always accompanied by Aspri, celebrity and Youtube channel owner Melaney Ricardo is made curious about Hotman’s daily life while working out of town. Melaney searched for this information by inviting two Aspri Hotman as guest stars named Lisa and Beiby.

“If you go out of town, do you have the same room as Hotman?” Melaney asked immediately adding two guests, namely Aspri Hotman, Lisa and Beiby.

Even though he portrays himself as a lawyer who is always surrounded by beautiful assistants, Hotman has never been in the same room with his employees.

“Nope. Yesterday both of them were in the same room with him (Beiby). Bang Hotman slept in the villa, we were in the hotel,” said Lisa on Melaney Ricardo’s youtube channel.

Melaney didn’t just believe Lisa’s answer. While joking, the artist and presenter said that the action was taken because Hotman’s wife participated in the visit.

“Oh, because there is Mrs. (Hotman’s wife) coming with you,” asked Melaney, laughing.