Incess’ Ulcers Revealed! This figure ‘naked’ Syahrini before marriage, Reino Barack can’t move

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

What comes to mind when you hear the name Syahrini? Yes, this singer from Bandung cannot be separated from luxury. It’s no wonder that a Japanese conglomerate, Reino Barack, succeeded in marrying her.

Unfortunately, Syahrini was labeled as an actor because he married Reino Barack. As is known, Reino Barack had a romantic relationship with Luna Maya before marrying Incess.

It didn’t stop there, when the virtual world blasphemed Syahrini, a white man appeared who claimed to be Syahrini’s adoptive father. The Caucasian man named Laurens also claimed to have a close relationship with Incess.

Even more surprising, Laurens also admitted that he had several times supported Syahrini like a father to a child. After three years, after the news, a woman appeared and exposed Syahrini’s past with her adoptive father.

He said that Syahrini and Laurens had had sex. This statement was made by a YouTuber named Julie Chaniago.

“Julie is 100 percent sure they’ve had sex, Julie is sure,” said Julie Chaniago.


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