Just Bring It Once, Rossa Mewek Remembers Glenn Fredly

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1NEWS – Celebrating 25 years of working in the music industry, singer Rossa held a concert titled Rossa 25 Shining Years Concert at Istora Senayan Jakarta, on 27 May 2022.

More than 5 thousand spectators came to the event. Rossa also did not deny that she would show her best performance that could make her fans cry.

Unexpectedly, after singing some of her flagship songs, such as Tak Sanggup Lagi, Tega, Don’t Lose Him, Rossa was said to be singing the song of the late Glenn Fredly.

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The song by the late Glenn Fredly by Rossa is entitled Once This Only. The Indonesian diva could no longer hold back her tears because of the late Glenn Fredly’s voice playing.

“Well, it suddenly stopped. How come the music wasn’t playing anymore, I was surprised, right. Then suddenly there was Glenn Fredly’s voice. Crazy, I’m crying, anyway,” said Rossa at a press conference at Istora Senayan Jakarta, Friday (27/27). /5).

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The sound turned out to be from a recording that was playing.

“That (playing Glenn Fredly’s voice, ed) was not in our practice, so I was surprised,” added Rossa.

He did not deny that the song Once This Only was dedicated to the late Glenn, who was his best friend.

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