Just Playing Directly to Determine PSIS’s Victory, This Is What Carlos Fortes Says | 1NEWS

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Carlos Fortes immediately became a star in his first match with PSIS Semarang.

PSIS Semarang underwent a test match at the Jatidiri Stadium, Semarang, on Saturday (28/5/2022).

The opponent faced by PSIS Semarang is PSM Makassar.

On that occasion, PSM Makassar was surprisingly able to win ahead of the home team.

PSM Makassar goal was scored by Dellen Doke in the 18th minute.

Luckily for PSIS Semarang, two minutes before the first half ended, Safrudin Tahar’s error in blocking the ball ended in a goal.

Score 1-1 closed the first half.

In the second half, PSIS Semarang entered its two new stars.

They are Taisei Marukawan and Carlos Fortes.

The steps taken by PSIS Semarang have sweet fruit.

Carlos Fortes succeeded in determining the victory of PSIS Semarang thanks to his goal in the 93rd minute.

Interestingly the goal was created through a pass from Taisei Marukawa.

After the match, Carlos Fortes also shared the moments of the PSIS Semarang versus PSM Makassar match to his personal Instagram account.

In his upload, the player who plays as a striker did not forget to give his appreciation to his colleague, Taisei Marukawa, who had provided the bait.

“First match with PSIS and a goal,” wrote Carlos Fortes, reported by BolaSport.com from the player’s personal Instagram.

“Taisei Marukawa provided a great pass,” he continued.

Having a sweet debut makes Carlos Fortes can’t wait to start League 1.

For information, Liga 1 2022-2023 is scheduled to take place on 27 July.

“Great atmosphere,” wrote Carlos Fortes.

“Can’t wait for the league to start and score again.”


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