Kalina Oktarani Floods Citizens’ Blasphemy, Ricky Miraza is Ready to Put His Body on His Beloved

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1NEWS, Rembang —

The lovers Kalina Oktarani and Ricky Miraza seem to be getting more serious about their relationship. Even recently, both are known to have done a photo shoot in Bali.

Even though there is a considerable age gap, Ricky Miraza admits that he is attracted to his ex-wife Vicky Prasetyo. The reason is, Ricky is amazed by Kalina Oktarani’s mature thoughts.

“His thinking is more mature, I’m not praising him, but the truth is,” said Ricky Miraza quoted from YouTube Melaney Ricardo on Sunday (29/5/2022).

Ricky Miraza assessed that Deddy Corbuzier’s ex-wife had not done anything bad outside of her marriage.

“Well, never mind, married women keep getting divorced. That’s in marriage. Outside of marriage, he never has a track record of any kind,” he continued.

Because of the age difference, Ricky Miraza admitted that he was surprised by a number of netizens who took issue with it.

“What’s wrong with me choosing a woman who is more mature, more able to direct me in making decisions,” he said.

According to Ricky Miraza, what needs to be questioned is the behavior of people who deviate outside of marriage.

“While there are probably many women my age out there, I’m talking to individuals, outside of marriage doing deviant things,” he said.


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