Known as a sexy group, Girl Crush reaps criticism for adding underage members | Kpop Chart

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Girl Crush recently received a lot of criticism for allegedly adding members who are still underage.

Girl Crush itself is a girl group known for its sexy concept. Often girl group This was involved in controversy because their stage performances were considered too vulgar.

Currently Girl Crush has a total of 3 members consisting of Taeri, Zia and Bomi. However, there is news that they will add Hayun as a new member.

This then sparked controversy, because Hayun is a girl born in 2005 who is currently 17 years old. It was even known that Hayun had collaborated with Girl Crush in 2019 when he was 14 years old.

Responding to the controversy, the HW Entertainment agency that oversees Girl Crush immediately released their official statement.

Through its official statement, the agency clarified that Hayun has not officially become a member of Girl Crush. He is currently doing training and will only join Girl Crush when he is an adult.

The agency also asked fans not to believe the false rumors circulating on social media. (1NEWS)