Luna Maya Meets Choi Siwon in South Korea, Netizens Pray for Good Luck

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Actress and model Luna Maya recently made a public scene through her social media uploads. The reason is, in the middle of his visit to South Korea, he uploaded a moment of togetherness with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. The moment that made K-Pop fans jealous was uploaded through his personal Instagram and TikTok pages.

Luna Maya’s upload was immediately attacked by netizens. Not only because of jealousy, but they actually pray that the two of them are matched. The reason is that Luna and Siwon are now known to be single. What is their moment of togetherness like, let’s look at the following review.

Luna Maya shared a close photo after having lunch with Choi Siwon

Luna Maya having lunch with Choi Siwon | Credit: @lunamaya via Instagram

Luna Maya is known to be visiting South Korea for business. But unexpectedly, Luna Maya suddenly uploaded a portrait of her intimacy with Choi Siwon on her Instagram page.

In the upload, the two seem to be chatting and joking together on the top floor of a building. Choi Siwon wore a brown shirt and black pants, while Luna Maya wore a blue shirt and jeans.

The 38-year-old model thanked Siwon for accompanying him to lunch.

Thank you for the lunch,” wrote Luna Maya in the caption for the Instagram upload @lunamaya, Saturday (28/5).

This upload certainly makes K-Pop fans jealous. They then flooded the comments column of the upload. In fact, not a few of the citizens who wished them a match.

“I do, yes,” commented @ivan_gunawan.

“Come on, hurry up, Ms. Pepet, so we can follow Maudy Ayunda,” wrote one netizen.

He even had time to throw a joke at this Super Junior member

Luna Maya had thrown a ball at Choi Siwon | Credit: @lunamaya via TikTok

In addition to successfully making fans jealous with photos of her togetherness with Choi Siwon, Luna Maya also made a TikTok video with the Super Junior personnel.

“Welcome to Seoul Luna,” said Siwon, waving his hand.

Answering Siwon’s words, Luna also threw a cheesy sentence that made fans excited.

“Thank you, welcome to my heart..Eh..,” Luna Maya blurted out as if she was surprised herself.

Luna Maya is indeed one of the celebrities from Indonesia who also likes K-Pop. He even explicitly expressed his admiration for one of the boy group K-Pop is BTS. The BTS member he really admires is Kim Nam Joon aka RM BTS.

While chatting with Nino RAN in his YouTube content, Luna also revealed that she has a heavy crush on a Korean musician. He even asked Nino for tips on how to do PDKT with a musician. However, until now, it has not been revealed who the K-Pop idol figure Luna Maya is approaching.